Aug 13, 2014

Nicky Hilton marries James Rothschild

The younger sister of Paris Hilton getting married: 30-year-old Nikki Hilton got engaged with her boyfriend, a banker James Rothschild.

Great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton hotels, and her lover, the equally renowned dynasty, along with the 2011 year. They met at the wedding of model Petra Ecclestone and James Stanta in Italy.

It is in this country recently went to rest themselves Nikki and James, and both times there was an offer. Insiders said that Rothschild invited Hilton to marry him on Lake Como, very romantic atmosphere:

They went by boat on Lake Como, and in that time, he got up on one knee and proposed to her. It was incredibly beautiful and romantic
By the way, James in advance notify its intention to the family Nikki. The same source added:
A month ago he flew from England, where he lives, to the States to ask parents of Nikki's hands.

Obviously, the bride's parents gave their consent, and now the pair will have to prepare for the wedding, which, we believe, will be more than a luxury.

Now the lovers travel through Europe, celebrating their engagement.


Nicky Hilton marries James Rothschild