Jul 1, 2014

World Cup frustration? Per Mertesacker attacks ZDF reporter

The German football fans saw yesterday evening a nail-biter between their national team and Algeria. More than 120 minutes, stretching the match of World Cup 2014, to Andre Schurrle and Mesut Ozil, the Germans finally redeemed. However, in spite of the entry in the quarterfinals also mixed frustration amongst the facilitation of the players - this was particularly felt ZDF reporter Boris Büchler

This said after the Algeria victory for Per Mertesacker  that. you still would have to increase, which should be clear to him. Then, the central defender replied caustically: "What do you want from me now so soon after the game I can not understand?". The reporter then hooked after once again why it did not go so well on the defensive and in Umschaltspiel as they had imagined. But this question does not seem to please the player with the jersey number 17.

"Do you believe now in the last 16 is any carnival troupe? They have us here made really difficult about 120 minutes, and we have struggled to the end, "says Per Mertesacker. On Friday it goes for the German national team against France - with perhaps less explosive atmosphere.

Per Mertesacker attacks ZDF reporter

Britney Spears appeared in public with a deformed nose (photos)

plastic surgery Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears recently shocked the public with their appearance. 32-year-old pop singer appeared in public with a swollen face and smeared make-up during the break. However, more attention than a sloppy make-up star, got her nose, not much changed for the better. On the place of the once neat bending now stands an impressive crook. Moreover, the bridge is now different celebrity is not straight but curved line. By the way, many bloggers have already suggested that the swelling caused by physical impact. However, active Internet users are already divided into two camps. Some believe that this is the result of failed plastic surgery, and others - a beating. Britney Spears herself does not give any comments.

Paparazzi: Rihanna at dinner with his father

Rihanna decided to ignore yesterday's BET Awards ceremony and preferred to go out on the red carpet a quiet family evening. The singer was spotted at a restaurant in Santa Monica, where dinner with her father Ronald Fenty.

Perhaps Pu suspected luck this evening she did not smile: star claimed two awards, but in both categories ("Best singer in the style of R & B and pop" and "fan-made award") prize from her " stole "Beyonce.

Well, but Rhianna has communicated with his father, with whom she must say, a strained relationship with his childhood when the future star was a teenager, Fenty left the family.

Judging by alongside the singer, she does not stay away from football matches: dinner she wore a green bomber jackets with symbols of the Mexican team, which, we recall, yesterday defeated by the Netherlands. Hard to guess for whom ill Ree!

Skaters Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova going together in Italy

 Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova
In Italy, the friends did a lot of funny pictures

Once in "Instagramah" Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova joint photo appeared, there were rumors that skaters associate affection. They are really together ... left the training camp at a ski resort Piancavallo. A photo was taken during the celebration of the 19th birthday of Maxim. "I was born on June 18, and then received congratulations, and in output, the 22nd, we noted in a small restaurant in the mountains - said" StarHitu "Kovtun. - Guys had a funny surprise - Candle in the form of numbers "19" stuck in my favorite grilled chicken garnished with fries! But the traditional cake was too. " Maxim's parents were unable to attend the festival, now they rest in Turkey. "We congratulated her son on the phone - told" StarHitu "mother figure skater Elena A.. - Adeline and Maxim familiar from childhood, they are friends for a long time, but no significant relationship between them has never been. " By the way, despite their age, plans Maxim fully grown - take out a mortgage for sale in Moscow and become the champion of the world at least.

A July 1 its 18th anniversary it celebrated Adeline. Olympic champion was presented with a huge bouquet of peonies and hastened to say thankyou to the parents. "Today is the day when I turn 18 and I want to congratulate this day my parents! Because they made me so they brought me this, they always helped me, they rejoiced victories and maintained at any minute-second ... They always told me the right information that you will need in life! They raised me like that! They all have done for me! but now it's my turn to do everything for them, that they were proud of their daughter! I love you very much "- wrote in" Instagrame "Sotnikov.

 Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova
Adeline and Maxim (pictured center) with friends walked up mornings
Adeline received a huge bouquet of peonies
At adulthood Adeline received a huge bouquet of peonies

Zhanna Friske will return to Moscow for the New Year

Zhanna Friske will return to Moscow
Otar Kushanashvili, talk with Zhanna Friske, spoke about the state of health of the singer.

It feels much better than feeling a week ago, and not to mention how she felt a year ago. Then I will tell you frankly - it was already a lethal outcome. And she got out there - evidenced by doctors - only because of the strength of character - says in an interview Kushanashvili .

«Skype her smile - I can not say exactly the same as that falls in love with himself millions of men, - of course, it is not so. But there was something in her manner of talking about issues that inspire me with absolute calm regarding its future, "- said the journalist.

Kushanashvili also told how the recovery Friske. "Of course, neither of which full recovery, about what I read in the newspapers, not a speech. Very heavy, slow process of regeneration. I think it will last another year and a half or two. On arrival home, in their hearth and home, I have not been told anything, "- said Otar. According to him, there will be no arrival in July or August. "I understand the process of rehabilitation of such an intricate and tricky such that if the arrival happens, it is only in the fall, and it seems unlikely. Rather, it is the arrival of the new year, "- expressed his opinion journalist.

Kushanashvili never tires emphasize the strength of spirit of the singer. "According to a smile or physical condition - do not expect that this magazine cover. It is not so long and not be so. But we do not love her for it. In fact it embodied the notion of vitality. And it dissolved all those around her - and Dima Shepelyov, and of course, parents, and Olga Orlova. It involves people in your life. But not because it is selfish, and that it infects all the fact that even such a terrible disease like cancer - and grind it ugh "- sums Otar Kushanashvili.