Paparazzi: Rihanna at dinner with his father

Rihanna decided to ignore yesterday's BET Awards ceremony and preferred to go out on the red carpet a quiet family evening. The singer was spotted at a restaurant in Santa Monica, where dinner with her father Ronald Fenty.

Perhaps Pu suspected luck this evening she did not smile: star claimed two awards, but in both categories ("Best singer in the style of R & B and pop" and "fan-made award") prize from her " stole "Beyonce.

Well, but Rhianna has communicated with his father, with whom she must say, a strained relationship with his childhood when the future star was a teenager, Fenty left the family.

Judging by alongside the singer, she does not stay away from football matches: dinner she wore a green bomber jackets with symbols of the Mexican team, which, we recall, yesterday defeated by the Netherlands. Hard to guess for whom ill Ree!

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