Jul 1, 2014

Zhanna Friske will return to Moscow for the New Year

Zhanna Friske will return to Moscow
Otar Kushanashvili, talk with Zhanna Friske, spoke about the state of health of the singer.

It feels much better than feeling a week ago, and not to mention how she felt a year ago. Then I will tell you frankly - it was already a lethal outcome. And she got out there - evidenced by doctors - only because of the strength of character - says in an interview Kushanashvili .

«Skype her smile - I can not say exactly the same as that falls in love with himself millions of men, - of course, it is not so. But there was something in her manner of talking about issues that inspire me with absolute calm regarding its future, "- said the journalist.

Kushanashvili also told how the recovery Friske. "Of course, neither of which full recovery, about what I read in the newspapers, not a speech. Very heavy, slow process of regeneration. I think it will last another year and a half or two. On arrival home, in their hearth and home, I have not been told anything, "- said Otar. According to him, there will be no arrival in July or August. "I understand the process of rehabilitation of such an intricate and tricky such that if the arrival happens, it is only in the fall, and it seems unlikely. Rather, it is the arrival of the new year, "- expressed his opinion journalist.

Kushanashvili never tires emphasize the strength of spirit of the singer. "According to a smile or physical condition - do not expect that this magazine cover. It is not so long and not be so. But we do not love her for it. In fact it embodied the notion of vitality. And it dissolved all those around her - and Dima Shepelyov, and of course, parents, and Olga Orlova. It involves people in your life. But not because it is selfish, and that it infects all the fact that even such a terrible disease like cancer - and grind it ugh "- sums Otar Kushanashvili.