Jul 1, 2014

World Cup frustration? Per Mertesacker attacks ZDF reporter

The German football fans saw yesterday evening a nail-biter between their national team and Algeria. More than 120 minutes, stretching the match of World Cup 2014, to Andre Schurrle and Mesut Ozil, the Germans finally redeemed. However, in spite of the entry in the quarterfinals also mixed frustration amongst the facilitation of the players - this was particularly felt ZDF reporter Boris Büchler

This said after the Algeria victory for Per Mertesacker  that. you still would have to increase, which should be clear to him. Then, the central defender replied caustically: "What do you want from me now so soon after the game I can not understand?". The reporter then hooked after once again why it did not go so well on the defensive and in Umschaltspiel as they had imagined. But this question does not seem to please the player with the jersey number 17.

"Do you believe now in the last 16 is any carnival troupe? They have us here made really difficult about 120 minutes, and we have struggled to the end, "says Per Mertesacker. On Friday it goes for the German national team against France - with perhaps less explosive atmosphere.

Per Mertesacker attacks ZDF reporter