Apr 19, 2014

Kanye West: he reveals his video 'I Won' in which he discusses the buttocks of his 'trophy', Kim Kardashian!

After listening put his title in collaboration with Future, Kanye West has posted the clip I Won, glory and his future wife!

Last week, users could hear the new tube with Kanye West featuring Future. I Won in the two rappers evoked their fiancées: Kim Kardashian and Ciara for one to the other. Since Thursday, April 17, the two singers have posted the clip!

Shot in black and white on a beach, I Won wants rather sober and nostalgic. Even if the words pay tribute to women's lives (and their buxom) Kanye West and Future, they do not appear in the video. Two young beautiful women, buxom and sexy poses replace! I must say that the last appearance of Kim Kardashian in the video for Kanye West, Bound 2 had been widely mocked! She may be unwilling to retry the experiment

However, in his words, Kanye West sings a true hymn to his future wife: "You are the number 1 trophies" or " I want to live my dream with you. " Rapper 36 also mentions his "little angel", North West, which could one day resemble "Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloé, all trophies" ... As Kim! We still had more romantic!

Katy Perry: she wants 'a baby to boost his career!'

Being single does not take away the desire to Katy Perry to become a mom very soon!

She may be single since February, Katy Perry appears to have already recovered from her breakup with John Mayer and think about the future! While she was spotted in good shape and well accompanied at Coachella festival in California last weekend, the singer of 29 years has told close friends that she wanted to get pregnant quickly, reports Radar Online, Friday April 18

"Katy wants children as quickly as possible", told one of his friends to the U.S. site. "She did not really want to have a new boyfriend. She would prefer a guy who puts pregnant without being married to the same." It remains to find the right one!

But Katy Perry sees further! The interpreter Roar have confessed to his friends and be "completely in need of constant attention." According to a close, "it would have a baby for her incredible advertising, as she has never had in his career!" Katy Perry, a careerist desperate to boost his career, do you believe?

Richard Gere is caught peeing in the street, look at the pictures!

Richard Gere is caught peeing in the street

The scenes were part of the movie recording Time Out Of My Mind

On Thursday, 17, actor Richard Gere has undergone an unusual situation to be caught peeing on the street in front of a bar in Manhattan, New York. After relieving himself on the sidewalk, he appeared to put away his pants smiling.

For relief of admirers of Hollywood heartthrob, Grosby the agency that published the images, explained that the scene is just a shoot for the movie Time Out Of My Mind, in which he plays a beggar.

Another detail that makes all the difference is that the urine was false. Following the pictures, the character is attacked by the bar owner.

Miley Cyrus will hold in the hospital from 5 to 27 days

Those fans of Miley Cyrus this week has been a real tragedy: a few days ago the singer was hospitalized with a severe allergic reaction. Also, the fans are worried about the health of their idol, they still will not get to star performances in the world tour Bangerz, - one by one girl have to cancel concerts in different cities.

Saddest thing is that doctors can not accurately Cyrus called recovery time: recovery may take from 5 to 27 days. Recall Miley admitted to hospital Kansas City with a strong allergic reaction to antibiotics. At first it was reported that the singer took drugs for influenza, and the body star "did not take" some of medicines.

Reporters this explanation seemed unconvincing: Many believe that the reason lies elsewhere ailment. Recently, the girl died beloved pet, and, according to newsmen, Miley tried to forget using alcohol and drugs. Cyrus supposedly too far with the booze and went to the hospital.

Whatever it was, a celebrity on his Twitter page to share with the fans of the news and expressed regret that he could not go on stage. Apparently, scheduled for April 24 concert in New York, is also under threat of cancellation.

Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga calls Photoshop beautification

Lady Gaga

That is helped along with the celebrities at photo shoots not only with makeup, but also with image processing, has been the industry no longer a secret. Most stars and celebrities like to use this medium, while others hate it to be distorted. Lady Gaga always counted actually the artists who stand by their naturalness, but also the musician has now gained a few airs and graces and is interested in obviously but more for their looks than you ought to think: It requires Photoshop embellishments en mass - previously may no picture will be published!

Opposite Page Six chatted an insider now from what requirements the singer to the photographers: "They had the instruction, soft to let her jaw and act to make their arms thinner Their legs should be delicate and slimmer effect.." If the photos do not be after GaGa's taste, it can sometimes even be trouble, as the source further reported: "All complain that she is such a control freak!" In comparison to other celebrities' wishes musician with thinner limbs and a less prominent chin are indeed harmless, but quite the requirements will probably not really fit the image of the other and, above all else so confident Lady GaGa.

Honesty requires courage: Emma Stone fibs at the press!

Emma Stone is currently one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. It is currently not only with the blockbuster "Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro" to see in the world's cinemas, but also has two other productions ("Magic in the Moonlight" & "Birdman") at the start. In addition to the cinema audience is therefore also the press very interested in the 25-year-olds and is keen on interviews with her. However, in these it is not always honest!

"I would not say that I lie, but I just obvious not everything I think or feel," said Emma dpa. Apparently she fears hoax or the deliberate spreading of false rumors, which is very harmful in its status as a newcomer for the career can be. "It requires a certain amount of courage, if you tell the truth and to be honest," says the American.

Well, as a thespian she knows, after all, how they can cheat convincingly without red to Remains to be.'s hope that Emma her boyfriend Andrew Garfield with respect to is always honest.

Emma Stone fibs at the press