Apr 19, 2014

Miley Cyrus will hold in the hospital from 5 to 27 days

Those fans of Miley Cyrus this week has been a real tragedy: a few days ago the singer was hospitalized with a severe allergic reaction. Also, the fans are worried about the health of their idol, they still will not get to star performances in the world tour Bangerz, - one by one girl have to cancel concerts in different cities.

Saddest thing is that doctors can not accurately Cyrus called recovery time: recovery may take from 5 to 27 days. Recall Miley admitted to hospital Kansas City with a strong allergic reaction to antibiotics. At first it was reported that the singer took drugs for influenza, and the body star "did not take" some of medicines.

Reporters this explanation seemed unconvincing: Many believe that the reason lies elsewhere ailment. Recently, the girl died beloved pet, and, according to newsmen, Miley tried to forget using alcohol and drugs. Cyrus supposedly too far with the booze and went to the hospital.

Whatever it was, a celebrity on his Twitter page to share with the fans of the news and expressed regret that he could not go on stage. Apparently, scheduled for April 24 concert in New York, is also under threat of cancellation.

Miley Cyrus