Apr 19, 2014

Katy Perry: she wants 'a baby to boost his career!'

Being single does not take away the desire to Katy Perry to become a mom very soon!

She may be single since February, Katy Perry appears to have already recovered from her breakup with John Mayer and think about the future! While she was spotted in good shape and well accompanied at Coachella festival in California last weekend, the singer of 29 years has told close friends that she wanted to get pregnant quickly, reports Radar Online, Friday April 18

"Katy wants children as quickly as possible", told one of his friends to the U.S. site. "She did not really want to have a new boyfriend. She would prefer a guy who puts pregnant without being married to the same." It remains to find the right one!

But Katy Perry sees further! The interpreter Roar have confessed to his friends and be "completely in need of constant attention." According to a close, "it would have a baby for her incredible advertising, as she has never had in his career!" Katy Perry, a careerist desperate to boost his career, do you believe?