Apr 19, 2014

Kanye West: he reveals his video 'I Won' in which he discusses the buttocks of his 'trophy', Kim Kardashian!

After listening put his title in collaboration with Future, Kanye West has posted the clip I Won, glory and his future wife!

Last week, users could hear the new tube with Kanye West featuring Future. I Won in the two rappers evoked their fiancées: Kim Kardashian and Ciara for one to the other. Since Thursday, April 17, the two singers have posted the clip!

Shot in black and white on a beach, I Won wants rather sober and nostalgic. Even if the words pay tribute to women's lives (and their buxom) Kanye West and Future, they do not appear in the video. Two young beautiful women, buxom and sexy poses replace! I must say that the last appearance of Kim Kardashian in the video for Kanye West, Bound 2 had been widely mocked! She may be unwilling to retry the experiment

However, in his words, Kanye West sings a true hymn to his future wife: "You are the number 1 trophies" or " I want to live my dream with you. " Rapper 36 also mentions his "little angel", North West, which could one day resemble "Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloé, all trophies" ... As Kim! We still had more romantic!