Apr 19, 2014

Lady Gaga calls Photoshop beautification

Lady Gaga

That is helped along with the celebrities at photo shoots not only with makeup, but also with image processing, has been the industry no longer a secret. Most stars and celebrities like to use this medium, while others hate it to be distorted. Lady Gaga always counted actually the artists who stand by their naturalness, but also the musician has now gained a few airs and graces and is interested in obviously but more for their looks than you ought to think: It requires Photoshop embellishments en mass - previously may no picture will be published!

Opposite Page Six chatted an insider now from what requirements the singer to the photographers: "They had the instruction, soft to let her jaw and act to make their arms thinner Their legs should be delicate and slimmer effect.." If the photos do not be after GaGa's taste, it can sometimes even be trouble, as the source further reported: "All complain that she is such a control freak!" In comparison to other celebrities' wishes musician with thinner limbs and a less prominent chin are indeed harmless, but quite the requirements will probably not really fit the image of the other and, above all else so confident Lady GaGa.