Jan 23, 2014

Carla Bruni on the pages of The Edit

Carla Bruni:Italo-French top model, singer, and former first lady of France once again delighted us with excellent work - stylish photo wants to examine again and again.

Recall that recently celebrated its Bruni 46 years, but never looking at her and not think of this. Aristocratic beauty is admired all star!

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Carla Bruni photo shoot

Justin Bieber arrested for drunk driving

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber arrested - tells the world press. Singer arrested today in Miami, Florida. It is known that the cause was driving while intoxicated, as well as participation in prohibited street races. It is reported that the singer was driving a rented Lamborghini.

News comes tweeted Miami Beach police: officers of the law stated that more complete information will be available later.

According to media reports in recent days Bieber active "club" night clubs in Miami.

This is not the first scandal on account of 19-year-old artist: so the other day at his house taking the drug. Also recently turned to the police neighbor musician: he complained that Justin with friends pelted his home with eggs.

Latest news was the same information that the weekend Bieber spent time at a strip club, where for One night spent 75 thousand dollars.

Angelina Jolie plans a new operation

Angelina Jolie - the perfect woman with many sides. She is also a talented actress, and an exemplary mother, and UN goodwill ambassador and simply beautiful. However, not all of a suit Jolie. Actress decided that her hands do not look aesthetically pleasing, in connection with what she wants to do an operation to correct hands. Vienna Angelina strongly convex and surgery hide this shortcoming.

Why actress conceived to carry out such a procedure is not yet clear. But in Hollywood already rumors that the 39-year-old Angelina Jolie getting ready to marry Brad Pitt and wants everything to be perfect on this day, and to start to tidy up their appearance: "Angie always complexed about their hands. They seemed to her bony, and in addition to this - strongly bulging veins. Jolie already chose a wedding dress without sleeves and the last thing she wants - it look like a freak in the pictures "(vocabulary saved).

Approximate the actress people say that Angelina operation is not necessary. She stands just a bit to gain weight, then wrists will not be as noticeable. But, with such dedication to the job as she is unlikely to get better, "Jolie every time with his head immersed in work and often simply forget to eat. It seems that it is absolutely not necessary. " Actress also believes that its thinness gives her sexuality and unlikely to follow the advice of others ".

Seems Angelina really have no choice other than surgery. We wish good luck to the actress for completing the procedure.

Kim Kardashian pays the tailor to 5000 dollars a day

Kim Kardashian pays the tailor to 5000 dollars a day

Kim Kardashian often buys things bigger: the owner of a narrow waist, buttocks volume and short legs can not find ready-made jeans with a perfect fit.

Logically, the reality TV star stylist Cornelius Clay hired at a salary of 3000 pounds Day: Kim and Kanye can call him at any time and ask for a "fit" thing on the figure.

Source Grazia magazine reports:

This means that Kim can buy jeans, take in them, and a few hours later it had already photographed them.

curious that Kardashian even have to redo your own collection of jeans Kardashian Kollection.

insider continues:

Kim 4th American waist size and 10th thigh size, so she has to buy things a size larger to take in their waist. Her height of 159 centimeters, so too is shortened sleeve.

Kim spends thousands of dollars on jeans. But most importantly - they are perfect to sit on it. Yes, it can take advantage of free services in the store Neiman Marcus, but Kim and Kanye felt that the result may not meet their expectations.

Cornelius can make jeans for 50 pounds is that they are not otlichsh of couture. 

add that Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner will soon launch a children's clothing line, as reported yesterday in Jenner Instagram.

Note stylist Clay himself claims that his idols are Nicki Minaj and Anna Dello Russo.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Paradis wants happiness Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Vanessa Paradis wished happiness Johnny Depp, the actor called her and announced her engagement to Amber Heard.

Note, 41-year-old Vanessa and 50-year Johnny have been together for 14 years. In addition, they have two children together - 14-year-old Lily-Rose and Jack 11-year-old.

Vanessa Paradis

According to the source Us Weekly, Paradis perfectly calm:

Vanessa wished him happiness. No tragedy.

Depp and 27-year-old Hurd met on the set of "The Rum Diary" and began dating in June 2012, almost immediately after the break with actor Paradis. Last week it became known that the couple is engaged. January 13 Amber photographed with a ring on "the very" finger. Heavy diamond impressive.

Honor Johnny said:

He suggested a couple of months ago. She just did not wear a ring.

Note Paradis is currently dating 41-year-old French actor Benjamin Bioleem who was formerly married to Chiara Mastroianni.

Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed the secret of the perfect marriage

Sarah Jessica Parker for 16 years affiliated to amateur Matthew Broderick. The brace accept three accouchement - 11-year-old son James Wilkie and two daughters-twins - 4 summertime Marion and Tabitha, and their ancestors abutment is advised one of the best admirable in American appearance business.

Indeed, this acquaintance of ancestors activity for associates acting average - affiliated to eternity. It turns out that Sarah Jessica and Matthew has a abstruse ancestors longevity.

Sarah Jessica

The actress said that she and save your marriage husband helps restraint:

secret is that we do not discuss our family life. No reporters or anyone else. That's it! We do not present themselves as exemplary and not shake a couple of dirty laundry in public.

Several years ago, shortly before the family of actress twins, born by a surrogate mother, it was rumored that Sarah Jessica and Matthew are on the verge of divorce. Fortunately, if the spouses have overcome some cooling in the relationship and save your marriage.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Wife for many years living in New York and, according to Sarah, lead the same lifestyle as the majority of ordinary citizens.

I have a friend with whom we play in the play The Commons of Pensacola. She lived in Los Angeles, and she loved it. They had a house, space, garden. Near grocery stores were, where they came for shopping by car, instead of folding shopping bag in the freezing cold winter, and stay on the road constantly and rub the frozen fingers. But I love it! Every time I bring home bags from the store, I feel like superwoman. This feeling that I have done something impossible!

Sarah Jessica also admitted that, like many New Yorkers, every day goes by subway.

I ride the subway every day - to and from work. Only if the back closer to the night, take a taxi.

According to the actress, lives in New York not only like her, but all her household, so to move to another place they do not plan

Christina Asmus returns to the stage

Briefly took maternity leave from the Russian actress Christina Asmus. From the birth of his daughter has not passed yet, and months, and actress already bursting at the scene. She spoke about it to his fans on his page on the social network.

Christina Asmus

"This Friday, January 24 and 25 at the theater Yermolova I'll play without rehearsal premiere of" Hamlet "Valery Sarkisov" - Christina wrote. Although about "without rehearsal" - is a bit slukavila actress. Almost before delivery Asmus hoped to play Ophelia at the premiere, which was held in late December last year, she did not miss a single rehearsal, although for a considerable period of pregnancy. But on the eve of the premiere of the director decided not to let the actress on stage, because he feared that can happen preterm labor. Furthermore, Ophelia, located at 9 months pregnant, would have looked at least strange.

Recall that on 5 January this year in one of the suburban clinics actress Russian theater and movie Christine Asmus gave birth to a daughter. Together with the child's father showman Garik Kharlamov, they shoot three-storey house in the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle, where they plan to soon raise my daughter.

Yelena Isinbayeva declined to comment

First pregnancy rumors Athlete Yelena Isinbayeva appeared in mid-December last year, when she received an award for best athlete of the country in 2013. At the ceremony, she appeared in a free dress with a high waist and hide the belly area for charter. Now talk about an interesting position Helena erupted with renewed force. 

Yelena Isinbayeva

During stage the Olympic torch relay in Volgograd double Olympic champion in the pole vault appeared in the free black dress that hid noticeably rounded stomach. Journalists have asked Isinbayeva, will not prevent any interesting position to fulfill her acting mayor of the Olympic Village in Sochi.

«No comments. Everything is fine. I look forward to the days when stranded in the midst of the Olympics, I can see with my own eyes, to get acquainted with the legends of the sport, to meet international delegations, presidents. I have jitters, as represented by all this, and I'm happy that I had the chance ", - quotes Yelena Isinbayeva

Recall the summer Yelena Isinbayeva stated that the pauses in his career, to get married and have a child.

Macaulay Culkin is going through tragedy

Actor Macaulay Culkin is experiencing a tragedy. His father, Kit Culkin, suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday and is now in very poor condition.

Paramedic ambulance arrived on a call to the house 69-year-old China Culkin in Grants Pass, Oregon, after an hour of the night. The man was rushed to the hospital, where he remained in intensive care until now. Macaulay Culkin father lost almost all motor functions, and forecasts are not encouraging physicians.

Family members were called to the hospital, apparently in order to say goodbye to Keith. As for Macaulay, he does not get along for a long time with his father. Cause of enmity was money.

Paparazzi: Jennifer Love Hewitt for the aboriginal time afterwards giving bearing came on the public

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is alone six weeks ago, became a mother, and do not alternate already appears in public. A few canicule ago 34-year-old brilliant for the aboriginal time afterwards bearing appeared afore the lenses of the paparazzi.

On Monday, the actress went shopping for his newborn daughter Otem. Despite the fact that Love Hewitt opted for shopping outfit in black, it was obvious that she is in good shape. Star recovered slightly, but overall looks very good and is in a wonderful mood - she lovingly picked up childish things, it was evident that it gives pleasure to the actress.

Recall father daughter Love Hewitt became her partner in the series "The Client List" Brian Hellisi. Baby, who became parents for the first-born, was born in November 2012.

Zhanna Friske can not even stand up

All admirers of Zhanna Friske and just caring for people experiencing life singer. In a recent interview with the father of Zhanna told that the disease manifested itself about seven months ago, two months after the birth of the son of the singer. Friske now undergoing treatment, but her condition is serious: the singer paralyzed legs, and now she can not even stand up. All forces and wish her a speedy recovery. Zhanna Friske herself, of course, does not give any interviews, but through relatives asked me to tell the fans that promises to recover and again and again to become a mother.