Jan 23, 2014

Kim Kardashian pays the tailor to 5000 dollars a day

Kim Kardashian pays the tailor to 5000 dollars a day

Kim Kardashian often buys things bigger: the owner of a narrow waist, buttocks volume and short legs can not find ready-made jeans with a perfect fit.

Logically, the reality TV star stylist Cornelius Clay hired at a salary of 3000 pounds Day: Kim and Kanye can call him at any time and ask for a "fit" thing on the figure.

Source Grazia magazine reports:

This means that Kim can buy jeans, take in them, and a few hours later it had already photographed them.

curious that Kardashian even have to redo your own collection of jeans Kardashian Kollection.

insider continues:

Kim 4th American waist size and 10th thigh size, so she has to buy things a size larger to take in their waist. Her height of 159 centimeters, so too is shortened sleeve.

Kim spends thousands of dollars on jeans. But most importantly - they are perfect to sit on it. Yes, it can take advantage of free services in the store Neiman Marcus, but Kim and Kanye felt that the result may not meet their expectations.

Cornelius can make jeans for 50 pounds is that they are not otlichsh of couture. 

add that Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner will soon launch a children's clothing line, as reported yesterday in Jenner Instagram.

Note stylist Clay himself claims that his idols are Nicki Minaj and Anna Dello Russo.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian