Jan 23, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed the secret of the perfect marriage

Sarah Jessica Parker for 16 years affiliated to amateur Matthew Broderick. The brace accept three accouchement - 11-year-old son James Wilkie and two daughters-twins - 4 summertime Marion and Tabitha, and their ancestors abutment is advised one of the best admirable in American appearance business.

Indeed, this acquaintance of ancestors activity for associates acting average - affiliated to eternity. It turns out that Sarah Jessica and Matthew has a abstruse ancestors longevity.

Sarah Jessica

The actress said that she and save your marriage husband helps restraint:

secret is that we do not discuss our family life. No reporters or anyone else. That's it! We do not present themselves as exemplary and not shake a couple of dirty laundry in public.

Several years ago, shortly before the family of actress twins, born by a surrogate mother, it was rumored that Sarah Jessica and Matthew are on the verge of divorce. Fortunately, if the spouses have overcome some cooling in the relationship and save your marriage.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Wife for many years living in New York and, according to Sarah, lead the same lifestyle as the majority of ordinary citizens.

I have a friend with whom we play in the play The Commons of Pensacola. She lived in Los Angeles, and she loved it. They had a house, space, garden. Near grocery stores were, where they came for shopping by car, instead of folding shopping bag in the freezing cold winter, and stay on the road constantly and rub the frozen fingers. But I love it! Every time I bring home bags from the store, I feel like superwoman. This feeling that I have done something impossible!

Sarah Jessica also admitted that, like many New Yorkers, every day goes by subway.

I ride the subway every day - to and from work. Only if the back closer to the night, take a taxi.

According to the actress, lives in New York not only like her, but all her household, so to move to another place they do not plan