Jan 23, 2014

Angelina Jolie plans a new operation

Angelina Jolie - the perfect woman with many sides. She is also a talented actress, and an exemplary mother, and UN goodwill ambassador and simply beautiful. However, not all of a suit Jolie. Actress decided that her hands do not look aesthetically pleasing, in connection with what she wants to do an operation to correct hands. Vienna Angelina strongly convex and surgery hide this shortcoming.

Why actress conceived to carry out such a procedure is not yet clear. But in Hollywood already rumors that the 39-year-old Angelina Jolie getting ready to marry Brad Pitt and wants everything to be perfect on this day, and to start to tidy up their appearance: "Angie always complexed about their hands. They seemed to her bony, and in addition to this - strongly bulging veins. Jolie already chose a wedding dress without sleeves and the last thing she wants - it look like a freak in the pictures "(vocabulary saved).

Approximate the actress people say that Angelina operation is not necessary. She stands just a bit to gain weight, then wrists will not be as noticeable. But, with such dedication to the job as she is unlikely to get better, "Jolie every time with his head immersed in work and often simply forget to eat. It seems that it is absolutely not necessary. " Actress also believes that its thinness gives her sexuality and unlikely to follow the advice of others ".

Seems Angelina really have no choice other than surgery. We wish good luck to the actress for completing the procedure.