Jan 23, 2014

Justin Bieber arrested for drunk driving

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber arrested - tells the world press. Singer arrested today in Miami, Florida. It is known that the cause was driving while intoxicated, as well as participation in prohibited street races. It is reported that the singer was driving a rented Lamborghini.

News comes tweeted Miami Beach police: officers of the law stated that more complete information will be available later.

According to media reports in recent days Bieber active "club" night clubs in Miami.

This is not the first scandal on account of 19-year-old artist: so the other day at his house taking the drug. Also recently turned to the police neighbor musician: he complained that Justin with friends pelted his home with eggs.

Latest news was the same information that the weekend Bieber spent time at a strip club, where for One night spent 75 thousand dollars.