Aug 28, 2015

Internet romance: marine found love, becoming an Internet meme

Internet romance: marine found love, becoming an Internet meme

All the cynics, says that love does not exist on the Internet, must change their pessimistic opinion after this story. Marine of the United States met his love, photo sharing service Imgur, where he continuous put funny pictures.


While all young men his age were running out on dates and tried to get acquainted with the girls in the cafeteria and on dating sites, the young man, who plays under the nickname StrayBullet, he served in the United States Marine Corps, hence the uploaded photo.

Internet marine found love StrayBullet

Already the first published picture StrayBullet became a hit, especially among women. And it's no wonder few can resist such broad, in the literal sense of "32 teeth" smile. Snapshot of a young man with boxes quickly sold across the Internet space, becoming a meme.

Since then, as a young man began posting their photo-his smile got even wider and happier. In the year 2013 StrayBullet wrote one of his young fans. Girl with Nick Wlfqueen07 sent StrayBullet message that thanked them for their service. Word-for-Word and future lovers already have found that live not so far apart. Over time, the Internet is a harmless flirtation into a serious relationship. And now, almost two years after the first message, the couple lays out the network already joint photos.

We hope that in the future a couple decides to get married, proving by example that wide smile-the best Assistant in search of a soul mate.

Internet marine found love StrayBullet

Internet marine found love StrayBullet

Internet marine found love StrayBullet

Videos: Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence dance atop Piano of Billy Joel

Jennifer Lawrence Kiss Amy Schumer barefoot before dancing.

Céline Dion back onstage in Las Vegas after a hiatus in the career

Céline Dion back onstage in Las Vegas after a hiatus in the career

Singer took a break in its schedule-from 2014-to take care of her husband, Rene Angelil, who is recovering from a throat cancer.

Céline Dion returned to perform in Las Vegas, last Thursday, 27, after a career break to take care of her husband, René Angélil, who faces a battle with throat cancer. The singer, who has made residence in American city for years, performed at Caesars Palace's Colosseum and used his Twitter account to talk about back to the stage.
Thank you so much for all the love. Today was not a new day ... Today was a new show. Today was a new beginning, 
- said she.

Earlier in the week, the singer gave an interview to USA Today about his comeback to the stage:
 I didn't want to be here at the beginning, I don't need. Don't get me wrong. I love singing for people, but I have other priorities. My biggest role is to ensure that we are well, that will take care of the children. He will see us another plan.

Céline had several opportunities to get back on stage, but she said People who couldn't, until the present time.
The reason why I shouldn't have come back before was because I wasn't ready to go back emocionalmene. My husband and my family needed me, they still need,
- said she.

Céline Dion in Las Vegas

Céline Dion in Las Vegas

Céline Dion in Las Vegas

Céline Dion back onstage in Las Vegas

Miley Cyrus calls Nicki Minaj into place!

Miley Cyrus calls Nicki Minaj into place

Miley Cyrus has not appreciated that Nicki complains of not having been amongst the appointed on the occasion of the MVAs MTV. And she took advantage of an interview to let know.

People end more to shoot themselves in the feet these last time. While Taylor Swift was clashee by Avril Lavigne a few days ago, it is on its different with Nicki Minaj that Miley Cyrus has returned.
Miley the wise

Remember, at the announcement of the nominated for the MTV MVAs, Nicki was pushing a mug shot for not being chosen. A reaction that Miley did not at all like:
 what I read sounded really like from Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki, is not very nice (...) If you want to talk about racism, there's a way to do it. But do not make it a personal matter
- she told the New York Times.

I do not respect your return if it is driven by anger
- she added.

According to the blonde, Nicki acted simply because she was upset:
Do not say 'guys, I'm frustrated about some things of greater importance'" while you do compared to you. Not to have the air of the s ***** but rather because 'Eh, I did not have my VMA'.

Meanwhile, the main concerned should be satisfied since it would be she who would open the show of the evening. Failing to receive an award, it can ignite the stage before an audience into madness. After all, the love of the music is more important than a true reward Nicki?

The latter has also once again joked on her false pregnancy by posting a photo of an ultrasound with top... The Cosmonaut of the MVAs MTV. No hard feelings!

Nicki Minaj

"They're real!" Donald Trump gave to touch his hair

Donald Trump, advancing his candidacy for President of the United States, during a speech in South Carolina, invited on stage one of the participants in order to potrogala his hair.

Donald Trump invited on stage one of the participants in order to potrogala his hair

As it turned out, the billionaire read a newspaper article about the fact that he wears a wig. Trump vowed that their hair and to confirm summoned to the scene a woman from the audience. By the way, it turned out to be a member of the Republican Party of Mary Margaret Bannister, wife of one of the local party leaders. The girl later told reporters that until then had never dealt with Trump.

Donald Trump hair They're real

It was a very weird experience,

- Mary added.

According to her, she tried to be careful not to accidentally pull the businessman behind the mob. But she was so close that she saw the roots of his hair, and so do not doubt their genuineness.

We remind that this is not the first time Trump makes an effort to prove that does not wear a wig. So, a little earlier, it allowed to inspect its ševelûry one American tv presenter Barbara Walters.

Yet Americans continues to excite a strange hairstyle billionaire, which even have Twitter parody. I wonder who the next time will be awarded honor touch hair Donald Trump?

Bieber double is dead: he was obsessed with the beauty craze?

Bieber double is dead: he was obsessed with the beauty craze

Mysterious circumstances of death

He wanted as his great idol, Justin Bieber, but now is his dead Tobias Strebel. The 35 year-old, who himself gave the name of the artist Toby Sheldon, died in a motel in Los Angeles. The circumstances of the death are still unclear. What is the role of his beauty delusion here?

For years, Tobias under the knife put to become increasingly look like Justin Bieber. As he became known to a wider audience in the United States. In the US television expressed the doppelganger to his motives: "in my youth I told I will never grow old and flabby and disgusting look", Toby confessed on the show "The Doctors". His appearance did no longer inside correspond, as he revealed: "I'm a very happy person and my eyebrows and mouth hung shut down..." The Bieber double invested converted over 87,000 euros in the coming years to be more like his role model. Now, Tobias' quest was a sad end.

Toby Sheldon Bieber double

Justin Bieber

Pop Ellen DeGeneres: great competition for Taylor Swift!

Pop Ellen DeGeneres: great competition for Taylor Swift!

You played the pop princess

Taylor Swift is still touring with their 1989 world tour throughout the world. Currently, the singer in her home country, the United States, gives a concert after another. With her appearance in Los Angeles a very special be should, because there she rocked together with Talkmasterin Ellen DeGeneres the stage - and it was wrapped in a sugary glitter outfit, as well as hostess Taylor,.

A lovely photo of the great moment of the concert told Taylor on their Instagram page. Sure you can see them and Ellen Seite – the popular Talkmasterin put even a small dance. No wonder that Taylor has titled the image simply with "Ellen DeGeneres, the pop princess". Even Ellen had it of course does not take to post a photo of her appearance with the beautiful blonde. Provided it has the snapshot with the Hashtag "Besties".

But Ellen is not the only prominent lady who stood on stage together with Taylor, also with Alanis Morissette and Natalie Maines has performed the pretty singer. At a previous concert, she sang even with Mary J. Blige and in July she brought Klum Heidi to be upwards.

Taylor Swift is still touring with their 1989 world tour throughout the world

Kim Kardashian, how critics killed her smile!

Kim Kardashian, how critics killed her smile

In an interview granted to C Magazine which she made the cover, Kim Kardashian explained why it had changed its behavior to the paparazzi.

There was a time, long before it is with Kanye West, where Kim Kardashian sought at any price to stand before the goal of photographers to display its forms, its bling bling, his face too covered terracotta looks and her smiles ultra brilliant. But that was before. Today, just him to step into the street to be prosecuted. And inevitably, this has had an impact on his behavior, as she explained in C Magazine which she is the one, topless, this month.

Thus, she tells why she stopped smiling face the paparazzi. If we thought it was to delay the appearance of wrinkles, like Victoria Beckham, was all wrong! It all started when she was pregnant with North and that she suffered criticism from some tabloids on his weight gain.

"I took more than 22 pounds. It is difficult to rely,"begins the star of the reality show before adding:"I was determined to lose but it has changed the way I wanted to appear in picture. Before, I was always smiling. Even when I was outside, I smiled without particular reason. And then when I had my baby, I said: ' these are the same people who were horrible with me, treating me big while I could control nothing. I do not want their smile. I don't want to get out ' "."

Even if Kim Kardashian said more "confident" today, she says that she no longer wants to "be the girl who smiles for nothing on each photo. It changed my mood, which I was, it has much affected my personality". She has once again demonstrated this Thursday, Aug. 27.

She was photographed as she was going to the supermarket. Molded in a black pencil dress featuring once again its forms and her baby bump in value, she preferred to hide his eyes behind his essential Céline glasses and display an bohitile pout. Ditto for its sister Kourtney, with its small mine, holding son Mason by the hand.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Margo Robbie made a tattoo to Cara Delevingne

Margo Robbie made a tattoo to Kara Delevin

Stars of the movie "Group of Suicides" so got to like on shootings that decided to fasten the friendship forever, having made each other memorable tattoos. Recently we already saw on social networks of a photo from "Tatu salon Harley Quinn" (so call the heroine Margo Robbie) where Will Smith, Dzhay Cortney, Yuel Kinnaman and even the director David Eyre who too bravely agreed to this adventure visited.

And on it "the exchange of tattoos" did not end. Cara Delevingne, also busy in the project and adoring decorating the body with drawings, of course, did not miss opportunity to support an idea of colleagues.

Delevingne published two new photos in Instagram - on the first she does a tattoo to the unknown owner of not really accurate black pedicure (and it is perfect definitely not Margo Robbie - it can be noticed on a background).

tattoo to Kara Delevin

On the second shot just Margo draws in detail something on a foot of Cara Delevingne. As its fresh tattoo looks, the model did not show yet, but we think, she will soon share with the subscribers drawing, after all they already in impatience.

Margo Robbie made a tattoo

It seems, any of participants of shootings does not remain without "the picture for memory". Interestingly, who following?

Lucy Liu son, worn-out surrogate mother

Lucy Liu son, worn-out surrogate mother

Start the day with the joyful news: Lucy Liu became a mother for the first time. 46-year-old actress a few hours ago published on social networks the first photo of their son. Lucy does not hide that child made surrogate mother.

Present to you the little man, who appeared in my life-my son Lloyd Lew Rockwell. I am in love with!

-signed the actress black-and-white snapshots.

That Lew had resorted to surrogacy, the press representative of the star. He added that the baby and his mother are doing well.

News on blogs is divided into user Gato87.

Lucy Liu became a mother for the first time