Aug 28, 2015

Miley Cyrus calls Nicki Minaj into place!

Miley Cyrus calls Nicki Minaj into place

Miley Cyrus has not appreciated that Nicki complains of not having been amongst the appointed on the occasion of the MVAs MTV. And she took advantage of an interview to let know.

People end more to shoot themselves in the feet these last time. While Taylor Swift was clashee by Avril Lavigne a few days ago, it is on its different with Nicki Minaj that Miley Cyrus has returned.
Miley the wise

Remember, at the announcement of the nominated for the MTV MVAs, Nicki was pushing a mug shot for not being chosen. A reaction that Miley did not at all like:
 what I read sounded really like from Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki, is not very nice (...) If you want to talk about racism, there's a way to do it. But do not make it a personal matter
- she told the New York Times.

I do not respect your return if it is driven by anger
- she added.

According to the blonde, Nicki acted simply because she was upset:
Do not say 'guys, I'm frustrated about some things of greater importance'" while you do compared to you. Not to have the air of the s ***** but rather because 'Eh, I did not have my VMA'.

Meanwhile, the main concerned should be satisfied since it would be she who would open the show of the evening. Failing to receive an award, it can ignite the stage before an audience into madness. After all, the love of the music is more important than a true reward Nicki?

The latter has also once again joked on her false pregnancy by posting a photo of an ultrasound with top... The Cosmonaut of the MVAs MTV. No hard feelings!

Nicki Minaj