Aug 28, 2015

Bieber double is dead: he was obsessed with the beauty craze?

Bieber double is dead: he was obsessed with the beauty craze

Mysterious circumstances of death

He wanted as his great idol, Justin Bieber, but now is his dead Tobias Strebel. The 35 year-old, who himself gave the name of the artist Toby Sheldon, died in a motel in Los Angeles. The circumstances of the death are still unclear. What is the role of his beauty delusion here?

For years, Tobias under the knife put to become increasingly look like Justin Bieber. As he became known to a wider audience in the United States. In the US television expressed the doppelganger to his motives: "in my youth I told I will never grow old and flabby and disgusting look", Toby confessed on the show "The Doctors". His appearance did no longer inside correspond, as he revealed: "I'm a very happy person and my eyebrows and mouth hung shut down..." The Bieber double invested converted over 87,000 euros in the coming years to be more like his role model. Now, Tobias' quest was a sad end.

Toby Sheldon Bieber double

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