Aug 28, 2015

Margo Robbie made a tattoo to Cara Delevingne

Margo Robbie made a tattoo to Kara Delevin

Stars of the movie "Group of Suicides" so got to like on shootings that decided to fasten the friendship forever, having made each other memorable tattoos. Recently we already saw on social networks of a photo from "Tatu salon Harley Quinn" (so call the heroine Margo Robbie) where Will Smith, Dzhay Cortney, Yuel Kinnaman and even the director David Eyre who too bravely agreed to this adventure visited.

And on it "the exchange of tattoos" did not end. Cara Delevingne, also busy in the project and adoring decorating the body with drawings, of course, did not miss opportunity to support an idea of colleagues.

Delevingne published two new photos in Instagram - on the first she does a tattoo to the unknown owner of not really accurate black pedicure (and it is perfect definitely not Margo Robbie - it can be noticed on a background).

tattoo to Kara Delevin

On the second shot just Margo draws in detail something on a foot of Cara Delevingne. As its fresh tattoo looks, the model did not show yet, but we think, she will soon share with the subscribers drawing, after all they already in impatience.

Margo Robbie made a tattoo

It seems, any of participants of shootings does not remain without "the picture for memory". Interestingly, who following?