Jul 31, 2014

A Latina! Who has Justin Bieber now at the start?

As you could now learn from any media dwells wannabe bully and young scandal noodle Justin Bieber is currently in Ibiza, where he is likely to enjoy certainly a lot of fun and sun, but certainly must avoid even one or another bumpy chop. As would have almost a protector fro - or a protector? The well-trained Power Lady Michelle Rodriguez would in any case it takes

In addition, we saw the two even depend jointly on the island - exactly, on a yacht, where they had thrown in their bathing suits, the warm rays on the skin could do their work, and working on her tan. Has Justin, the philanderer in part-time, because now again made clear to a snail? Even to those who are totally entranced by Zac Efron wanders through the world? No, as TMZ reports, the two were indeed present on the same boat, romantic, however there was a maximum of the panorama all around.

However, Justin could ask Michelle at times, as for now actually goes so properly with the tough appearance. Compared to Orlando Bloom has indeed not work out so well ...

Omitted Mama: Sylvie Meis playing at the beach

Whether Sylvie Meis Single or forgiven is, a man will always be by her side: son Damian (8). The little one enjoys at present, along with its prominent Mama a beach holiday in Saint-Tropez. About lack of entertainment, the eight year old can not complain there.

During their time together with Damian Sylvie seems to really unwind. Whether splashing in the water or playing on the beach - the presenter looks completely omitted. Since it takes sometimes even to the club and refutes with her son man a ball game. From vanity or selfishness are far and wide to see any traces. Perfect sees the 36-year-old in her bikini still from when away from the comfortable deck with Damian deals instead of tan.

The only downside to the holiday in the South of France remain for van der Vaart Junior probably the paparazzi who follow him and his mom at every turn. Unfortunately, the little one knows there are now hardly any different. Sylvie tried but apparently still their best holiday as good as possible for him to be a wonderful experience to make.

Sylvie Meis playing at the beach

Sylvie Meis playing at the beach

Celebrity Street Style: Taylor Swift on the streets of New York

Taylor Swift - a frequent guest of our column "Star Style", because the singer is always carefully thought out their outfits. And we understand it: there is a young singer out of the house, as it is surrounded by photographers!

Was no exception yesterday when 24-year-old star was spotted on the streets of New York. We propose to consider in detail her outfit.

Swift loves dresses, and has since toned figure, it can choose similar styles - baring belly and legs. Tops and short skirts with high waistline we've seen on many stars, but Taylor preferred the original version with a transparent fabric, turning up-set in a dress.

Singer in costume, as always, no superfluous details: Blue handbag, shoes with bright red soles and the final touch - a scarlet lipstick.

Taylor Swift on the streets of New York

Taylor Swift on the streets of New York

Taylor Swift on the streets of New York

Cameron Diaz is ready to marry Benji Madden?

Cameron Diaz is ready to marry Benji Madden

We have just learned in May about the novel Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, but the lovers themselves do not mind that they meet only a few months. "What time to pull?" - Sued the 41-year-old actress and 35-year-old musician. And talking about the imminent wedding.

That's what an insider told press:

course, too early, but they are already discussing wedding.

Another source says:

Benji so much time at home in Cameron that they appear to have somewhat live together. They are very happy. Cameron for many years did not look so happy.

The seriousness Madden says and what not so long ago, he met with relatives Diaz during a trip to Florida. Informed source shared with the magazine People:

For Cameron, it was important to Benji met with her family, she took great pleasure all its presented. During this trip, they were so cute, all the while kissing and flirting. It was evident that they have a great time.

We can only be happy for a loving couple!

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Katy Perry: "I do not need a man"

Katy Perry appeared on the cover of the new rooms Rolling Stone, which goes on sale in mid-August. In an interview with the publication of the cult pop diva says that is not afraid to not get married, and also talks about her divorce from Russell Brand and communication with Madonna.

Recently, privacy Perry all rather vague: after breaking up with John Mayer tabloids actively attributed her love affair with Robert Pattinson, and her relationship with DJ Diplo is heating up, then fade.

Very calm about this Katie about. According to the star, it feels good and alone: ​​

I do not need a guy! Look, we live in 2014, we live in the future. We have nothing. I do not think that I would have to have children alone, but we'll see. I am not against men, I love men. But it is likely that no one suitable never meet.

Meanwhile, speaking about children, Kathy notes that until they wind up in a hurry:

I see that my sister is completely immersed in motherhood, it 24 hours a day engaged in their child. And her little girl so beautiful, so loud, restless, happy. I want in my life, it all came at the right time. And, you know, it is unlikely to come in the next two years. Maybe that's the plan for the next five years. I just need to be sure that I can give your child a hundred percent of his attention. Would not want to, he had to ride with me on tour. 

Recall that Perry had the experience of family life, but her marriage lasted long: the singer married actor Russell Brand in October 2010, and in December 2011, the husband filed for divorce. Here is what the singer of separation from her husband:

It was an emotional trauma, crash dreams. I seemed a fairy tale, but in reality it was not so fabulous. I do not like to talk about it, I think it was a thousand years ago. I do not want it to look as if I just have nothing else to attract attention.

Reporter Rolling Stone could not ask heroine rooms question about her relationship with Madonna, because a few months ago at the stars was a joint photo session and both admitted that they delighted to communicate with each other.

Perry confirmed that make friends with Madonna - not an easy task:

To get into the circle of her friends, it is necessary in really prove that you are a sincere person and you can trust. I totally understand it. You need to protect your heart from strangers when you reach such heights. You can not just surround himself with all sorts of freaks who will drink your blood. Should I ask: "What are your motives?", "Why are you here?" "What do you want from me?" 

Damn business: Kelly Osbourne was sued for $ 50,000

 Kelly Osbourne was sued for $ 50,000

The owner of the mansion in West Hollywood, which until last April filmed Kelly Osbourne, said the singer's dog dirtied all its luxury properties, and sued for $ 50,000. Now the daughter of the great and terrible Ozzy be litigation. Dirty - literally.

A certain Arshia Refua, yalvyayuschiysya owner of the mansion in Los Angeles, sued the former lodger for what she left behind is almost smoking ruins. As stated in the lawsuit, the owner found the holes in the walls, flooded bathroom and hopelessly spoiled parquet, entirely covered with dog excrement.

Way, this claim is counter - to suit most Osbourne, who she filed late last year, demanding the return of a deposit in the amount of 18,700 dollars.

In general, in the words of the victim Refua no surprise: The Osbournes are renowned for their love of four-legged, but, unfortunately, not very concerned about cleaning their metabolic waste . Ask fans of the reality show "The Osbournes" and they will gladly tell you how often Ozzy loses his temper, and then stepping

Miley Cyrus may join Madonna new song

Miley Cyrus and Madonna may have joined forces in a collaboration to be launched next album Queen of Pop. This week, Madonna posted on his Instagram a photo that shows the lyrics of the song "Rebel Heart" on his Instagram and tagged Miley, who responded with a cheeky publication selfie. In the image, the singer of "We can not stop" uses a blouse with a nude photo of Madonna originally published in the book "Fri".
After posting, rumors that they would have saved began to circulate in redemption and fans speculating possible release. Besides Miley, Madonna also scored in the image singer-songwriter Maureen McDonald, who co-wrote the hit song "Wrecking Ball".

Photo posted by Madonna

Miranda Kerr did topless photos of jeanswear brand, 7 For All Mankind.

Miranda Kerr is the star of the new campaign jeanswear brand, 7 For All Mankind. In one of the pictures, the model appeared getting a bite of the model, Jon Kortaneja long while using only jeans and a black lace bra.

In another click, Miranda forgets her bra and pants only continues by posing in bed. The concept of "7Obsessions" campaign is to relate the idea of ​​obsession in a relationship a woman's obsession with your favorite jeans.

This week, Miranda's name was embroiled in a controversy after a discussion between former husband, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Bieber in a bar in Ibiza, Spain, in the early hours of Wednesday, 30. According to "TMZ" website has published a video with scenes of confusion, Bloom allegedly tried to punch the face Bieber, who managed to block. Witnesses heard by the site tell different versions of the discussion, but both involve the name Kerr.

Miranda Kerr

Rihanna wears boxers go to the nightclub in New York

To complete the look, the singer wore a basic black top and a dress shirt jeans!?

Rihanna chose an unusual look to party at a nightclub in New York, on Wednesday, 30. Singer, who loves wearing different outfits and controversial, was the site using a boxers. To complete, it was with a black top that left her sequinha shows the belly, jeans and a dress shirt.

Rihanna wears boxers go to the nightclub in New York

White dress, veil and bouquet: Lana Del Rey video for the song Ultraviolence

Just a few hours ago, Lana Del Rey published online video for the track Ultraviolence, the passage of which the singer teased us two days before the premiere of the new video.

Curiously studying the 15-second teaser, we hoped to see in the full video "groom" the actress, but no such luck. For four minutes celebrity wandered around the garden or the forest, who is already there and plead, in a white dress with a veil on her head and a bouquet of lilies in his hands, shared personal experiences, but eventually came to the altar, where it nobody expected.

However, somewhere in the middle of the video frame still appears in the man's hand, the fingers of which Del Rey for some reason decided to lick.

What I want to say, so what, in general, , a new creature created by star in her inimitable and, admittedly, a very strange style that will certainly please fans of the singer.

Recall that single Ultraviolence, whose name can be translated as "ultranasilie" entered a new record Artist - Ultraviolence, goes on sale June 13.

Revenge: Justin Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying

Justin Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying

Justin Bieber has apparently decided to announce Orlando Bloom Internet war. Yesterday we learned about the brawl that occurred between celebrities in one of the restaurants of Ibiza - as suggested by the press, because of long-standing history with intrigue Bieber and Miranda Kerr.

Recall that after the scandal Justin published in Instagram photo model which, however, quickly removed. The next step is "revenge plan" was the placement of more than one frame: this time Bieber has posted in Instagram portrait crying Bloom, which did not add any comments

Orlando Bloom crying

But write your comments users already divided into "command Justin" and "Orlando team".

Must say that Bieber is probably hesitant to post a picture of his enemy: he deleted it soon after publication, but 20 minutes later published again.

Meanwhile, journalists found some details almost started a fight between Bieber and Bloom. Daily Mail writes that after the actor tried to hit singer, he said:
hello Miranda!

Remind you that, according to the press two years ago with her husband Kerr changed after Bieber show Victoria's Secret - because of this alleged Orlando and angry artist. Itself 31-year-old model due to the rumors about 20-year-old singer has always denied.

What happened when Justin and Orlando met by chance at a party in Spain? That's what eyewitness:
Justin was at the same table, and Orlando after another. But when Bieber and his company passed the table Bloom, Orlando did not want to shake hands with Bieber. Then Justin said something rude to him, something like, "It was good".
After that, say, an actor and tried to send the opponent in the knockout:
Justin was able to dodge, and then people intervened. They are a little knock, but they were immediately dissolved in different directions.
Representatives of both the heroes of this story refused to comment on the incident.

Justin Bieber

Alicia Keys is pregnant with her second child

Alicia Keys is pregnant with her second child

At Alicia Keys and her husband, music producer Swizz Beatz, a double celebration. Spouses mark the fourth anniversary of the wedding and family waiting for replenishment - what became known from the singer.

Two hours ago, 33-year-old Keys published in his Instagram photo by which to judge that the star is already a decent time. Frame so she commented:

Congratulations wedding anniversary love of my life, Swizz Beatz!! And even nicer that we are waiting for the birth of the second angel. Thanks to you, I'm happy as ever! Let it be many, many years!

At Alicia and her husband already have a 3-year-old son named Idzhipt.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

James Franco and other stars at a private screening of the film 'Children of God'

Last night in New York hosted a private premiere of the new James Franco directing work - thriller "Child of God", which the hotel Tribeca Grand Hotel came to present the author himself.

The event was also attended by Scott Hayes, who performed the title role in the project, and Lana Del Rey - longtime friend and admirer of creativity Franco.

Noteworthy that the presentation of the next creation figure of cinema took place almost a year ago - at the 70th Venice Film Festival , but rolling, and then limited, tape "child of God" comes out just now.

Recall that the plot of the film - a novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy tells the story of freedom released prisoner who becomes an outcast and settles in a mountain cave.

book is replete with scenes of cruelty, as well as film, shot Franco: judging by the official trailer, the spectacle is definitely not for the faint of heart.

James Franco

Lana Del Rey

James Franco and Scott Hayes

Scott Hayes