Jul 31, 2014

Revenge: Justin Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying

Justin Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying

Justin Bieber has apparently decided to announce Orlando Bloom Internet war. Yesterday we learned about the brawl that occurred between celebrities in one of the restaurants of Ibiza - as suggested by the press, because of long-standing history with intrigue Bieber and Miranda Kerr.

Recall that after the scandal Justin published in Instagram photo model which, however, quickly removed. The next step is "revenge plan" was the placement of more than one frame: this time Bieber has posted in Instagram portrait crying Bloom, which did not add any comments

Orlando Bloom crying

But write your comments users already divided into "command Justin" and "Orlando team".

Must say that Bieber is probably hesitant to post a picture of his enemy: he deleted it soon after publication, but 20 minutes later published again.

Meanwhile, journalists found some details almost started a fight between Bieber and Bloom. Daily Mail writes that after the actor tried to hit singer, he said:
hello Miranda!

Remind you that, according to the press two years ago with her husband Kerr changed after Bieber show Victoria's Secret - because of this alleged Orlando and angry artist. Itself 31-year-old model due to the rumors about 20-year-old singer has always denied.

What happened when Justin and Orlando met by chance at a party in Spain? That's what eyewitness:
Justin was at the same table, and Orlando after another. But when Bieber and his company passed the table Bloom, Orlando did not want to shake hands with Bieber. Then Justin said something rude to him, something like, "It was good".
After that, say, an actor and tried to send the opponent in the knockout:
Justin was able to dodge, and then people intervened. They are a little knock, but they were immediately dissolved in different directions.
Representatives of both the heroes of this story refused to comment on the incident.

Justin Bieber