Jul 31, 2014

White dress, veil and bouquet: Lana Del Rey video for the song Ultraviolence

Just a few hours ago, Lana Del Rey published online video for the track Ultraviolence, the passage of which the singer teased us two days before the premiere of the new video.

Curiously studying the 15-second teaser, we hoped to see in the full video "groom" the actress, but no such luck. For four minutes celebrity wandered around the garden or the forest, who is already there and plead, in a white dress with a veil on her head and a bouquet of lilies in his hands, shared personal experiences, but eventually came to the altar, where it nobody expected.

However, somewhere in the middle of the video frame still appears in the man's hand, the fingers of which Del Rey for some reason decided to lick.

What I want to say, so what, in general, , a new creature created by star in her inimitable and, admittedly, a very strange style that will certainly please fans of the singer.

Recall that single Ultraviolence, whose name can be translated as "ultranasilie" entered a new record Artist - Ultraviolence, goes on sale June 13.