Jul 31, 2014

Omitted Mama: Sylvie Meis playing at the beach

Whether Sylvie Meis Single or forgiven is, a man will always be by her side: son Damian (8). The little one enjoys at present, along with its prominent Mama a beach holiday in Saint-Tropez. About lack of entertainment, the eight year old can not complain there.

During their time together with Damian Sylvie seems to really unwind. Whether splashing in the water or playing on the beach - the presenter looks completely omitted. Since it takes sometimes even to the club and refutes with her son man a ball game. From vanity or selfishness are far and wide to see any traces. Perfect sees the 36-year-old in her bikini still from when away from the comfortable deck with Damian deals instead of tan.

The only downside to the holiday in the South of France remain for van der Vaart Junior probably the paparazzi who follow him and his mom at every turn. Unfortunately, the little one knows there are now hardly any different. Sylvie tried but apparently still their best holiday as good as possible for him to be a wonderful experience to make.

Sylvie Meis playing at the beach

Sylvie Meis playing at the beach