Jul 25, 2014

She's only in the 5th month 'Tila Tequila'

It is not the first baby bump picture, Tila Tequila postet, but probably the thickest! The former Party starlet is pregnant and almost unable to move. For a homemade snapshot of it but still not enough.

And such Tila currently has once again posted on their Facebook page. Clad only in underwear, sitting on her bed, the tubby belly is the focus of the image. Even Tila itself can hardly believe how thick her belly is now already.
 "! Omg The baby has made overnight again properly rampage It is simply a miracle Just grow going on -.., Without warning, and I still have four months before me Please me do not break my back, dear baby haha.!" 
, is to be read by her. And Tila has already boast an impressive ball. That they must hertragen this still proud to four months before, is almost incredible. Since the question is fully justified, as she wants to do it. The white Tila probably even just not

Nevertheless, it is also with huge baby-ball, in a good mood -. Although their mobility from day to day will be less.

Has Sylvie Meis Rafael married only out of greed?

Actually, could Sylvie Meis currently satisfied all around: She finally officially a cancer survivor and also with her single life, the presenter feels quite comfortable. But now she has to again deal with negative headlines, as a former companion of her now raises serious allegations.

Ironically, a former player woman now claims Sylvie got married Rafael van der Vaart only for profit. "I was there when Sylvie to her manager said: '! Find a rich footballer for me because after my thirtieth I certainly do not want to work,'" Victoria Koblenko Now Revealed against the Esquirer. Also, that Sylvie has not known her future husband before the first meeting, do not agree. After a relationship with another footballer, Sylvie knew exactly who is Rafael and then rangemacht accordingly at him. Why Victoria right now, so many years later, this story goes public, but surprise and could give the impression that they will also look for attention. Sylvie has not yet commented on the allegations.

Kara Devlin for Chanel: new footage campaign

A couple of weeks ago we saw the first pictures of the new Chanel ad campaign featuring Kara Devlin and Binks Walton. Karl Lagerfeld, again speaking as a photographer captures the models in the gym and in the boxing ring.

Evaluating recent pictures from the same photo shoot that appeared today in the network. As it turns out, was not limited to boxing: the program is also running, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells.

Again outfits on the girls really are not equipped for this - tweed suits and coats, cloaks and silver leather pants. But shoes like it was clearly on the sporty style, reinterpret Lagerfeld.

Kara Devlin for Chanel

Kara Devlin for Chanel

Kara Devlin for Chanel

Kara Devlin for Chanel

Kara Devlin for Chanel

Kara Devlin for Chanel

'50 shades of gray': The first trailer

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the first trailer_50 shades of gray

Today in the TV show Today on NBC's long-awaited premiere of the first official trailer of the film "50 shades of gray." Tape removed erotic bestseller of the same name by EL James.

If someone else does not know, Jamie Dornan plays an eccentric millionaire Christian Gray and Dakota Johnson - inexperienced student Anastacia Steele. Directed adaptation - Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Recall past weekend Beyonce posted a teaser trailer in his Instagram. Slow remix of her song Crazy in Love - the perfect soundtrack for a sensual film.

Premiere of "50 shades of gray" is scheduled for February 13, 2015.

Andrej Pejic made a sex-change operation

According to Western media, Andrei Pejic, famous due to ambiguous androgynous and, as it turned out, the universal appearance, made a sex-change operation.

About changes in the life of the model learned from him (or as we now say is true - from her) himself - Pejic on a page in a social network, a large message of thanks to all those which supported him in difficult times:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your love and support you gave me during all these years.

I'm doing this because I feel my responsibility and I hope that by speaking openly about it , this issue will be not so important problemoy.Vse we evolve, grow older - this is normal.
 I believe that my recent changes are not made me a different person. I'm still the same, only now the opposite sex. Hope you can understand me.

Furthermore, Andrew said that now his name is Andrew.

Recall that Pejic burst into the fashion world in 2011, when he first showed female outfits on shows Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. Since then, the Australian male model Serbo-Croatian origin win again and constantly participates in fashion shows of famous brands.

Fit has repeatedly said that he feels uncomfortable in his own body:

I've always wanted to be a girl . One of my earliest memories - when I wore a skirt of his mother, trying to look like a ballerina. 

Andrej Pejic made a sex-change operation

Andrej Pejic