Jul 25, 2014

Has Sylvie Meis Rafael married only out of greed?

Actually, could Sylvie Meis currently satisfied all around: She finally officially a cancer survivor and also with her single life, the presenter feels quite comfortable. But now she has to again deal with negative headlines, as a former companion of her now raises serious allegations.

Ironically, a former player woman now claims Sylvie got married Rafael van der Vaart only for profit. "I was there when Sylvie to her manager said: '! Find a rich footballer for me because after my thirtieth I certainly do not want to work,'" Victoria Koblenko Now Revealed against the Esquirer. Also, that Sylvie has not known her future husband before the first meeting, do not agree. After a relationship with another footballer, Sylvie knew exactly who is Rafael and then rangemacht accordingly at him. Why Victoria right now, so many years later, this story goes public, but surprise and could give the impression that they will also look for attention. Sylvie has not yet commented on the allegations.