Jul 25, 2014

She's only in the 5th month 'Tila Tequila'

It is not the first baby bump picture, Tila Tequila postet, but probably the thickest! The former Party starlet is pregnant and almost unable to move. For a homemade snapshot of it but still not enough.

And such Tila currently has once again posted on their Facebook page. Clad only in underwear, sitting on her bed, the tubby belly is the focus of the image. Even Tila itself can hardly believe how thick her belly is now already.
 "! Omg The baby has made overnight again properly rampage It is simply a miracle Just grow going on -.., Without warning, and I still have four months before me Please me do not break my back, dear baby haha.!" 
, is to be read by her. And Tila has already boast an impressive ball. That they must hertragen this still proud to four months before, is almost incredible. Since the question is fully justified, as she wants to do it. The white Tila probably even just not

Nevertheless, it is also with huge baby-ball, in a good mood -. Although their mobility from day to day will be less.