May 4, 2014

Mischa Barton appears even more chubby in walking with dog

The actress, who has been extremely thin, had a very loose clothing to disguise the pounds.

Mischa Barton had already impressed to come up with extra pounds earlier this year, but it seems that the actress still gained a little more weight ... This Saturday, 3, she was clicked while walking his dog with a snack in hand and baggy clothes, and impressed with the extreme change in your body -. in 2012, she was rail thin and even received criticism because of that

In an interview with "People" magazine in October last year, Mischa said he always had problems with his weight and complained of pressure imposed by the criticism. In 2009, she shocked when appearing with his face superinchado at an event, and a month ago was rail thin.

Mischa Barton appears even more chubby in walking with dog

Mischa Barton appears even more chubby in walking

paparazzi: Gwen Stefani takes son two months to attend his brother's game

The singer, who showed she is in shape after giving birth, put a Superman outfit for the youngest, who was very pampered.

Gwen Stefani took a family day on Saturday 3 The singer, who gave birth to her third son, Apollo, two months ago, took little -. They were very cute with a Superman outfit, complete with cape and everything - to watch the football game of one brother, Zuma. Gavin Rossdale, her husband, and Kingston, the eldest son, were also departing boy and, moreover, showed that it is very gentle with the new baby brother.

Using a camouflaged pants and a simple tank top blouse, Gwen also showed that it is only with a slight paunch, normal for the short time since the birth of Apollo, and soon must return to old form completely.

Gwen Stefani takes son two months

Gwen Stefani takes son

Miley Cyrus wears look in hip hop style and makes in selfie face to fans

Singer is in London to do a show on Tuesday, 6

Miley Cyrus grimaced to post a photo on Instagram to tell the fans that had arrived in London on Sunday 4 Using a look at hip hop style, the singer shows her tongue and says. "I'm back". She will perform at the O2 arena on Tuesday, 6.

Miley Cyrus wears look in hip hop style

Christina Aguilera performt mit Babybauch

Christina Aguilera performt mit Babybauch

It does not allow himself break

Prove Many expectant celebrity moms that pregnancy is not a disease, and that you do not have spare around the clock, if you bring a child into the world. Christina Aguilera also seems to belong to those who can not be by their child stop practicing their job.

Now it was Xtina, which lay down a sexy performance - with a baby belly! In a tight dress, leather jacket and hat, and she swung her hips, inclusive ball, on stage, and thus inspired their fans. On Instagram she made her followers ever feel like their appearance. You posted a photo and wrote: "Mama comes out to play ... New Orleans Jazz Festival, now we come"

Even though the singer still from time to performing, she goes there currently quiet. The Voice she gave namely a rejection, so now Gwen Stefani sits on her chair.

Family tragedy: Boris Becker brother is dead

Family man chooses suicide

Heavy days for Becker family. As was now known, the brother of Boris Becker already last month has taken his own life.

While Becker's wife Lilly flies over the dance floor of Let's Dance, and the audience excited, it should go currently seriously behind the closed doors of private Beckers. As only now been made public, Dr. Matthias S., husband of Boris Becker's sister Sabine, was elected to commit suicide already on March 6 this year. The local Police Station in Switzerland declared to picture: "Mr. S. has thrown himself on the evening of March 6 between the towns of Colombier and his residence Auvernier before an approaching moving train and so committed suicide."

He leaves behind not only his wife Sabine, but also the two children Carla (14) and Vincent (15). What is behind the decision of the father, is not yet known. Boris Becker also did not comment on the incidents.

Model Katie Price is pregnant with her fifth child, says newspaper

Model Katie Price is pregnant

Katie pregnant with her fifth child reported the Price "The Sun". According to the publication, the British model, who gave birth to her fourth son, Jett, in August 2013, got pregnant shortly thereafter, in November.

According to the newspaper, Katie just found out that was pregnant in April, during a Caribbean vacation with her husband Kieran Hayler and his sons. The top felt stomach pains.

"Is not something that was planned soon after Jett. The news came as a complete shock," said a source close to the couple told the newspaper.

According to "The Sun", an examination showed that she was six months pregnant, which proves that she conceived a child just weeks after giving birth to Jett, her first child with Kieran. In addition to Jett, 9 months, Katie is also the mother of Harvey, 12 years with the footballer Dwight Yorke, and Junior, and Princess 9, 7 with Peter Andre.