May 4, 2014

Christina Aguilera performt mit Babybauch

Christina Aguilera performt mit Babybauch

It does not allow himself break

Prove Many expectant celebrity moms that pregnancy is not a disease, and that you do not have spare around the clock, if you bring a child into the world. Christina Aguilera also seems to belong to those who can not be by their child stop practicing their job.

Now it was Xtina, which lay down a sexy performance - with a baby belly! In a tight dress, leather jacket and hat, and she swung her hips, inclusive ball, on stage, and thus inspired their fans. On Instagram she made her followers ever feel like their appearance. You posted a photo and wrote: "Mama comes out to play ... New Orleans Jazz Festival, now we come"

Even though the singer still from time to performing, she goes there currently quiet. The Voice she gave namely a rejection, so now Gwen Stefani sits on her chair.