May 4, 2014

paparazzi: Gwen Stefani takes son two months to attend his brother's game

The singer, who showed she is in shape after giving birth, put a Superman outfit for the youngest, who was very pampered.

Gwen Stefani took a family day on Saturday 3 The singer, who gave birth to her third son, Apollo, two months ago, took little -. They were very cute with a Superman outfit, complete with cape and everything - to watch the football game of one brother, Zuma. Gavin Rossdale, her husband, and Kingston, the eldest son, were also departing boy and, moreover, showed that it is very gentle with the new baby brother.

Using a camouflaged pants and a simple tank top blouse, Gwen also showed that it is only with a slight paunch, normal for the short time since the birth of Apollo, and soon must return to old form completely.

Gwen Stefani takes son two months

Gwen Stefani takes son