May 4, 2014

Family tragedy: Boris Becker brother is dead

Family man chooses suicide

Heavy days for Becker family. As was now known, the brother of Boris Becker already last month has taken his own life.

While Becker's wife Lilly flies over the dance floor of Let's Dance, and the audience excited, it should go currently seriously behind the closed doors of private Beckers. As only now been made public, Dr. Matthias S., husband of Boris Becker's sister Sabine, was elected to commit suicide already on March 6 this year. The local Police Station in Switzerland declared to picture: "Mr. S. has thrown himself on the evening of March 6 between the towns of Colombier and his residence Auvernier before an approaching moving train and so committed suicide."

He leaves behind not only his wife Sabine, but also the two children Carla (14) and Vincent (15). What is behind the decision of the father, is not yet known. Boris Becker also did not comment on the incidents.