Apr 2, 2014

Katy Perry: his wax statue also between the museum! [photos]

Katy Perry wax statue also between the museum

Double wax Katy Perry has entered the Madame Tussauds in London on Wednesday April 2.

Candy girl! While the French bomb Laetitia Casta has entered the Grevin museum this Monday, March 31, is another pretty girl is petrified for Madame Tussauds London. Katy Perry has indeed now his wax double in the museum since Wednesday, April 2.

For the occasion, the interpreter Roar has put an outfit she knows well, in the style of dress she wore in 2010. Remember, Katy Parry sang a duet with Snoop Dogg in California Gurls with colored hair, her dress candy, all amidst a backdrop of cotton candy and lollipops.

This time, Katy Perry does not have blue or purple hair. However, it still has an explosive outfit: strapless red glitter heart, long and glamorous gloves and pink tutu! Setting level, the museum does not skimp on resources: chocolate eggs, candy licorice, lollipops ... similarity level, the singer kept her tattoos, her beautiful green eyes and a lovely smile.

wax Katy Perry

wax Katy Perry

wax Katy Perry

wax Katy Perry

wax Katy Perry

wax Katy Perry

Laurent Ruquier: sued by Marine Le Pen!

The facilitator lighthouse France 2 is sued by the president of the National Front ... Marine Le Pen did not like that his show "It's not lying," Laurent Ruquier has aired twice, images it deems "offensive".

Laurent Ruquier is sued by the president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen. The latter accuses the host flagship France 2 (and Rémy Pflimlin, patron of France Télévision) for airing in 2011 and then in 2012, pictures of her, which it considers "offensive."

On the first image, which appears in this issue, which led to the dispute, the FN leader is represented in the center of a family tree shaped swastika. And this is a picture of a turd with the slogan: "Le Pen, the candidate who looks like you," published in Charlie Hebdo, which also led Marine Le Pen to call his lawyer to seek redress. As RTL reports, his lawyer Wallerand Saint-Just is firm and says: "No person shall hunt humor that insult ... Just when Jean Enocchi, which he will defend the facilitator puts just ahead" the right to humor. "

The hearing will take place on Thursday before the 17th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court ... Stay tuned!

Magdalena Neuner became the wife of a carpenter

Recently it was reported that the world-famous German biathlete Magdalena Neuner now in position and recently married. Fans were surprised that her husband athletes became simple carpenter from his native town of Magdalena Wallgau. It turns out, the lovers went to school and did not stop to chat after graduation. Magdalena took the surname of her husband, but to her fans she will continue to Magdalena Neuner.

Adam Sandler in a bathrobe looking for Conan O'Brian

Adam Sandler lives in Los Angeles in the same area as Conan O'Brian, but unfortunately he does not know the address of the moderator. He wanted him necessarily show his new orange lemonade

So he set out in his yellow robe on the search for his mate and ran through the neighborhood -.. Course he was accompanied by a camera crew

He even took part in a tour of Hollywood, but it met only Spider-Man. So he continued his search and was chauffeured by an old woman on her electric scooter.

The end, he ended up with a fat man with red hair, who greeted him in a white underpants at the door. That was not the real Conan O'Brian, but it was Adam Sandler could not care less.

Miley Cyrus: dog Floyd has died

Miley Cyrus: dog Floyd has died

Miley Cyrus mourns her beloved dog Floyd. The young Husky is dead, as the singer announced on Twitter.
You tweeted at night to Wednesday, "Today is the second worst day of my life. I will not tell you because I do not want that it's real ... but my precious baby Floyd died actually. I'm devastated. "

The next message was slightly disturbing. "I know I do not mean it, but I wish he would have taken me. This is intolerable. What am I doing without him? "

Understandably, Miley totally of the role that is currently on their" is Bangerz "tour and wants to spread a good mood. Therefore, she apologized in advance for her fans, "I'm sorry if I tomorrow I will not be even, Boston. I'll do my best. "

2011 adopted Miley Cyrus the then little puppy Floyd. It was love at first sight, "I have so fallen in love with him, that's crazy. His name is Floyd. :) "A year later, she had the death of her dog lady Purple complain that was bitten to death by her playmates Ziggy.

Miley Cyrus: dog Floyd has died

Lindsay Lohan broke? Assistant got no salary

The times in which Lindsay Lohan hailed as sweet girl in Disney movies are, for a long time in the past. For years, excessive drug escapades alternate with hysterical outbursts - an early end of this extravagance is not for the time being in sight. Well it was announced that the actress is not even currently in a position to pay their assistants.

After the 27-year-old had won a short-term source of income through their reality TV show OWN, it seemed for no Lindsay to have been a problem to hire an assistant. "Matt is specially drawn from Los Angeles to New York to work for Lindsay. He is very professional and very good at his job. Previously, he has worked for Prince, but the statement that the job at Lindsay was an arduous and complicated , is an understatement by far, "said one insider told Radar Online. Nevertheless, Matt would have liked to stay at the freaky Lindsay, but not containing the young man saw no chance. And the money was needed at the same time disappeared with the last camera crew. No money in the pockets, the wizard up and away - it would be only a matter of time before Lindsay gets completely out of control again.

Lindsay Lohan broke

Regina Spektor and Jack Dishel first child was born

Regina Spektor and Jack Dishel first child was born

American singer-songwriter Regina Spektor Soviet origin and her husband singer Jack Dishel became parents born. Neither the name nor the exact date of the birthday boy couple has not yet announced.

34-year-old Spector wrote about it on Facebook:
Hello! I wanted you to know that Jack and I have a great time with our young son and everything is just wonderful!

Thanks for the huge amount of good wishes - we want to see you, too, was all good.

As you may have noticed, we do not want unnecessary publicity, so not going to spread a network of baby pictures or any details and news about it ... but we can report that it is unrealistic CUTE!!! 
Note, January 23 Regina Spektor first told about her pregnancy also on Facebook:
Hello, friends! I was so excited the first nomination for Grammy! Of course, I would have gone to Los Angeles in a beautiful dress to have fun at the ceremony, if I was not heavily pregnant at the moment. Jack and I are very happy in anticipation of a new man!!!

Most of the time spent in the songwriting, dreams about the new record, in cooking and eating soup. I am very grateful to all the people that are present in my life - family, friends and you ... So I'm glad to share the news about the pregnancy, and I wish all those who will be on the Grammy, a terrific night! Thank representatives premiums that nominated me for the song You've Got Time for the TV series "Orange - the hit of the season!" I will watch you on the couch. 
Unfortunately, Grammy got no Spektor and Adele for the soundtrack to the film "007: Coordinates" Skayfoll ".

Recall Dishel Spector and married in 2011.