Apr 2, 2014

Lindsay Lohan broke? Assistant got no salary

The times in which Lindsay Lohan hailed as sweet girl in Disney movies are, for a long time in the past. For years, excessive drug escapades alternate with hysterical outbursts - an early end of this extravagance is not for the time being in sight. Well it was announced that the actress is not even currently in a position to pay their assistants.

After the 27-year-old had won a short-term source of income through their reality TV show OWN, it seemed for no Lindsay to have been a problem to hire an assistant. "Matt is specially drawn from Los Angeles to New York to work for Lindsay. He is very professional and very good at his job. Previously, he has worked for Prince, but the statement that the job at Lindsay was an arduous and complicated , is an understatement by far, "said one insider told Radar Online. Nevertheless, Matt would have liked to stay at the freaky Lindsay, but not containing the young man saw no chance. And the money was needed at the same time disappeared with the last camera crew. No money in the pockets, the wizard up and away - it would be only a matter of time before Lindsay gets completely out of control again.

Lindsay Lohan broke