Mar 16, 2014

Irina Shayk at the Gala Spa Awards 2014 in Baden-Baden

Irina Shayk at the Gala Spa Awards 2014 in Baden-Baden

Yesterday Irina Shayk attend the annual ceremony in the German Baden-Baden Gala Spa Awards 2014.

28-year-old model wore a black and white dress on the floor with a deep neckline and a cut on the back of the fall collection of brand Basler.

Irina hair was combed side parting and gently pulled back. Makeup Sheik was executed in warm earthy tones.

She happily posed for photographers and despatched to the camera kisses. In addition, the mannequin was awarded an honorary award of beauty.

Unfortunately, Irina's boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo is not her company.

Note ceremony in Baden-Baden - one of the most important international awards in the field of Beauty and spa. This year it took place already in the 20 th time.

Irina Shayk at the Gala Spa Awards

Irina Shayk at the Gala Spa Awards

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross want to get married 'right now'

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross wants to legalize the relationship soon as possible. 25-year-old son of Diana Ross said at SXSW festival in Texas following:

Frankly, we can go and get married right now. Anywhere. We just want to get married. We love each other. Now is an exciting time in my life.

I wanted to make an offer Ashley a month after the beginning of our relationship. But I stood some time because so wanted.

Recall Ross asked for marriage 29-year-old Simpson in January, that is six months after the beginning of the novel.

Actor has dreams of becoming a dad for the son of Ashley and her ex-husband Pete Wentz 5-year-old Bronx:

all depends on Ashley, but I want lots of kids. I grew up in a family where there were ten.

Pair has already chosen a wedding date, but keeps it a secret:

My mom is helping us with the preparation. She is aware of all the events in my life and in all involved. She is one of the most amazing mothers in the world. Mom 69 years old, and she goes on tour again. She was on tour last year. Even while away, my mother constantly helping with preparations for the wedding and engagement party. 

Currently Evan acted in the film "The Hunger Games: Jay-Mockingbird" as Messally.

Thus, Ashley obviously surpass sister Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson, who is also planning to get married this year. Jessica recently changed plans: first she wanted to have a wedding in Italy, and now wants to organize it in Los Angeles to collect more friends.

Here Sarah Connor swims with sharks

Here Sarah Connor swims with sharks

A few weeks ago, Sarah Connor showed a sexy bathing beauty on the beach. Surrounded by toys for their children, they dug in the sand, presenting her toned body. However, playing ashore seems to have no longer brought the necessary thrill of the singer, because now she dived to the sharks into the sea.

A complete photo story posted on Instagram Sarah and let her fans thus share their adventurous experience. Just before it went down to the sharks, the 33-year-old laughed excitedly into the camera. Your wetsuit had already put on and just waited for the starting signal. First sharks swam around the boat and already stretched threatening their fins out of the water. The perfect time for Sarah to dive!

And in fact: The blonde got a shark in front of the camera lens. Just a few feet away from her, he turned his circles around them. What a fascinating experience! Remains to be seen whether Sarah is a photo posting - this time on land.

Tina Karol shot a video for the song 'Remove'

In the video included footage from rehearsals and the singer walks by the sea.

March 14th recital in Sumy Tina Karol completed her tour "The power of love and vote." On the same day, she made a gift to his fans and released a video for the song "remove" (Удаляюсь) from the new album "I remember." In the video included working moments and rehearsals of her tour, "The Power of Love and the voice" across the country, the eponymous documentary highlights themselves with concerts, footage of the singer solitary walk by the sea, on the shore of Yalta in the Crimea.

Song "Remove" again reminds us of how important it is to take care of each other, not removed, and, increasingly, to mark on your calendar is not important meetings and tender goodbye.

Shopping: What does Barack Obama merely with this pink sweater?

Who looked at this scene was quite amazed: What does Barack Obama merely with this pink sweater, which might be too small it clear? Recently, he was caught in a New York branch of the fashion chain Gap, which he surprised not only the other customers, but also the employees.

In fact, Obama has no penchant for pink knitwear, but also wanted to bring some of his visit to New York for his loved ones in Washington. And since there waited three girls to him, the pink sweater would certainly not be the worst choice. "It never hurts to bring something if you were traveling. Which brings points at home," he joked during his shopping trip, according to Daily News. To protect itself, Obama will consult with a knowledgeable sales assistant - as he had probably still fear his selection might displease Michelle (50) and the daughters.

Finally, he decided on a blue track jacket for your sweetheart and two cardigans (sweaters V-Neck were too dangerous for him, could indeed slipping, Obama said) for the 15 - and 13-year-old daughters. "I think the ladies will be impressed with my sense of style." Whether he kept so well right?

Miley Cyrus made a tattoo on the lower lip

Miley Cyrus made a tattoo on the lower lip

On Thursday evening, Miley Cyrus performed a concert tour under Bangerz Tour in Tulsa - that there is likely a singer and made a new tattoo. Headdress in the form of a yellow cat sad faces emblazoned on the inner side of the lower lip of the star. She shared a photo on Twitter and Instagram.

This is not the first tattoo on the body of Cyrus. There are about 18, including drawing on his arm in honor of her grandmother Loretta Finley, made in November 2013. Favorite tattoo artist Miley - Kat Von Dee from Los Angeles, specializing in black and white portraits.

Way, Cyrus made the first tattoo at age 17 - it had the words "Just Breathe" under the ribs. In addition, it has a few small tattoos, including love on the inside of the ear and heart, a cross and a peace sign on his fingers. Note skull on her ankle and the word "karma" on her finger.

So kitty lip - not the first tattoo experiment in life Cyrus.

Tattoo on his arm Miley Cyrus after her grandmother Loretta
Tattoo on his arm Miley Cyrus after her grandmother Loretta