Mar 16, 2014

Here Sarah Connor swims with sharks

Here Sarah Connor swims with sharks

A few weeks ago, Sarah Connor showed a sexy bathing beauty on the beach. Surrounded by toys for their children, they dug in the sand, presenting her toned body. However, playing ashore seems to have no longer brought the necessary thrill of the singer, because now she dived to the sharks into the sea.

A complete photo story posted on Instagram Sarah and let her fans thus share their adventurous experience. Just before it went down to the sharks, the 33-year-old laughed excitedly into the camera. Your wetsuit had already put on and just waited for the starting signal. First sharks swam around the boat and already stretched threatening their fins out of the water. The perfect time for Sarah to dive!

And in fact: The blonde got a shark in front of the camera lens. Just a few feet away from her, he turned his circles around them. What a fascinating experience! Remains to be seen whether Sarah is a photo posting - this time on land.