Mar 16, 2014

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross want to get married 'right now'

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross wants to legalize the relationship soon as possible. 25-year-old son of Diana Ross said at SXSW festival in Texas following:

Frankly, we can go and get married right now. Anywhere. We just want to get married. We love each other. Now is an exciting time in my life.

I wanted to make an offer Ashley a month after the beginning of our relationship. But I stood some time because so wanted.

Recall Ross asked for marriage 29-year-old Simpson in January, that is six months after the beginning of the novel.

Actor has dreams of becoming a dad for the son of Ashley and her ex-husband Pete Wentz 5-year-old Bronx:

all depends on Ashley, but I want lots of kids. I grew up in a family where there were ten.

Pair has already chosen a wedding date, but keeps it a secret:

My mom is helping us with the preparation. She is aware of all the events in my life and in all involved. She is one of the most amazing mothers in the world. Mom 69 years old, and she goes on tour again. She was on tour last year. Even while away, my mother constantly helping with preparations for the wedding and engagement party. 

Currently Evan acted in the film "The Hunger Games: Jay-Mockingbird" as Messally.

Thus, Ashley obviously surpass sister Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson, who is also planning to get married this year. Jessica recently changed plans: first she wanted to have a wedding in Italy, and now wants to organize it in Los Angeles to collect more friends.