Mar 16, 2014

Shopping: What does Barack Obama merely with this pink sweater?

Who looked at this scene was quite amazed: What does Barack Obama merely with this pink sweater, which might be too small it clear? Recently, he was caught in a New York branch of the fashion chain Gap, which he surprised not only the other customers, but also the employees.

In fact, Obama has no penchant for pink knitwear, but also wanted to bring some of his visit to New York for his loved ones in Washington. And since there waited three girls to him, the pink sweater would certainly not be the worst choice. "It never hurts to bring something if you were traveling. Which brings points at home," he joked during his shopping trip, according to Daily News. To protect itself, Obama will consult with a knowledgeable sales assistant - as he had probably still fear his selection might displease Michelle (50) and the daughters.

Finally, he decided on a blue track jacket for your sweetheart and two cardigans (sweaters V-Neck were too dangerous for him, could indeed slipping, Obama said) for the 15 - and 13-year-old daughters. "I think the ladies will be impressed with my sense of style." Whether he kept so well right?