Mar 2, 2014

Annett Louisan: New Album & fresh love

Annett Louisan New Album

For a while it was quiet around Annett Louisan musical saw, but now she is back on the German music market - and so successfully as ever

Only two weeks ago we learned of the new relationship of the singer. She is in love with the music producer Marcus Brosch, with whom she has collaborated in the past. He also participated in the production of their new album "Too much information", which is now newly debuted at number 3 on the German album charts. This is the Magdeburgerin by Bushido that holds the top position, the highest newcomer in the charts. In Austria and Switzerland, they made it into the top ten.

"Too much information" is the first record of the 36-year-old after three years. In 2011 she was with "In my mid" successfully. In the career of Annett Louisan to each of their six albums now placed in the top 3 of the national album charts.

Annett Louisan

Happy Family! Are so sweet Ellen Pompeo & Family

Happy Family! Are so sweet Ellen Pompeo & Family
It almost looks as if all the Hollywood-stars great basketball fans. Regularly, the photographer clear them off at the edge of the field and so shoot one or the other cute image. Even Ellen Pompeo now showed up with her two loved ones at the edge of the LA Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets.

One rarely sees the Grey's Anatomy actress and her family. However, these images clearly show that everything is in threes in the Lot. More even: They look like a happy family over. With her husband Chris Ivery and daughter Stella Luna cuddles actress and can not be disturbed by the photographer.

The highlight of Family Happiness is probably the most incredibly cute family kiss. Mom, Dad and daughter bow to each other and kiss lovingly. You are probably among the Hollywood storybook families that can not be influenced by the hype surrounding their people.

Ellen Pompeo family

American Idol Ryan Plug must sing along with the girls

The American Idol candidate Menderes and Burak Külekci were with their vocal performances in the recall in Cuba not convince and must therefore begin their journey home. Even Ryan Plug was in the meantime the ticket closer to home, as a advancing to the next round. Juror Kay One etched after his appearance: "Today, for me that was just garbage [...] I almost had to puke Vocally was the Asspen..." But the jury was the self-proclaimed "Boy fagot" one last chance and tied them to a particular condition.

"We can not really judge whether the poor performance be that you in you singing pretending or just not a good singer are, "said Dieter Bohlen. The juror explained Ryan out that the jury would like to try it but by now singing along with the women. "Maybe you sing so fine as a woman. Yes you can still visually remain a man," says Dieter. From now on, it goes for Ryan so on with the girls.

American Idol Mendere


Christine Asmus showed godmother to his daughter

Christine Asmus presented godmother mother of his daughter. She was an actress Anna Andrusenko, best known for the TV series "School Closed". Anna Christina calls his closest friend and even invited her to celebrate the 33 th anniversary of Garik Kharlamov. There's a girl and photographed, and a picture placed in the "Instagrame", Christina signed as follows: "With my closest friend and godmother of our baby." Note that earlier Asmus Kharlamov and said that the girls would be godfather closest friend Garik resident Timur Batrutdinov Comedy club.

interesting that after the baby is born January 5 pair keeps her identity a secret. About how to call the baby, do not tell friends Garik and Christina, I do not know her name Asmus colleagues in the theater to them. Yermolova. The actress explains that the evil eye fear and negativity toward the child. While not take baptism, baby name you hear in the press.

The fact that they are going to visit with the child in the church, Kharlamov and his wife told the other day in the "Evening Urgant." It is possible that a secret ceremony could take place already, because Christine Asmus in his blog recently admitted that they visited with Garik early morning church service. Before that, they did not tell that religious, and the joint visit to the temple is not told.

Hayden Panettiere: 'We want to Wladimir Klitschko for the Ukrainian democracy4

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere appeared on the cover of the April issue of the British version of Cosmopolitan and told about the affair with Wladimir Klitschko, travel to Ukraine and shooting in film.

Actress admitted:

First we were friends with Vladimir during the year. The press our relationship described as madness. From that, we come from - the differences in our lifestyle are huge. Outwardly we absolutely do not like each other. But in reality, our values ​​and goals in life are very similar, so the difference is a lot less scary ... I admire all that he does and who he is - it's a very strong feeling.

Hayden drew Vladimir mind:

You can be the most beautiful man in the world, but if there's nothing to, then you're not sexy. I want to be with someone who opens my eyes to the world and helps to get better. Vladimir is not just a boxer, he's smart and caring.

Nevertheless, couple that with the 2009, is not going to marry.

On annual suspend the actress told so:

Within a year of "Heroes" I was shot and became nervous. When you work with a child, you feel invincible. Thought the failure is not even crossed my golorvu. And then it collapsed like a ton of bricks. I was an actress all my life - if it will soon be over? What got nobody will give me a chance to prove that I can be someone a little more than than American cheerleader? Now I'm glad that temporarily shot - picture cheerleaders faded.

In addition, it influenced my privacy - paparazzi chased me everywhere. I was under a microscope.

Hayden spoke about travel to Ukraine:

I spend a lot of time in Ukraine and fully agrees that the fight for Wladimir and Vitali - we want justice and democracy for Ukrainians .

At the end Panettiere added that the film industry in Hollywood suffers from sexism - actresses much more difficult to make a career than to male actors. In addition, journalists forgive "macho" novels with dozens of women and girls give unflattering characteristics. She considers it unfair.

Hayden Panettiere