Mar 2, 2014

Christine Asmus showed godmother to his daughter

Christine Asmus presented godmother mother of his daughter. She was an actress Anna Andrusenko, best known for the TV series "School Closed". Anna Christina calls his closest friend and even invited her to celebrate the 33 th anniversary of Garik Kharlamov. There's a girl and photographed, and a picture placed in the "Instagrame", Christina signed as follows: "With my closest friend and godmother of our baby." Note that earlier Asmus Kharlamov and said that the girls would be godfather closest friend Garik resident Timur Batrutdinov Comedy club.

interesting that after the baby is born January 5 pair keeps her identity a secret. About how to call the baby, do not tell friends Garik and Christina, I do not know her name Asmus colleagues in the theater to them. Yermolova. The actress explains that the evil eye fear and negativity toward the child. While not take baptism, baby name you hear in the press.

The fact that they are going to visit with the child in the church, Kharlamov and his wife told the other day in the "Evening Urgant." It is possible that a secret ceremony could take place already, because Christine Asmus in his blog recently admitted that they visited with Garik early morning church service. Before that, they did not tell that religious, and the joint visit to the temple is not told.