Mar 2, 2014

Happy Family! Are so sweet Ellen Pompeo & Family

Happy Family! Are so sweet Ellen Pompeo & Family
It almost looks as if all the Hollywood-stars great basketball fans. Regularly, the photographer clear them off at the edge of the field and so shoot one or the other cute image. Even Ellen Pompeo now showed up with her two loved ones at the edge of the LA Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets.

One rarely sees the Grey's Anatomy actress and her family. However, these images clearly show that everything is in threes in the Lot. More even: They look like a happy family over. With her husband Chris Ivery and daughter Stella Luna cuddles actress and can not be disturbed by the photographer.

The highlight of Family Happiness is probably the most incredibly cute family kiss. Mom, Dad and daughter bow to each other and kiss lovingly. You are probably among the Hollywood storybook families that can not be influenced by the hype surrounding their people.

Ellen Pompeo family