Feb 8, 2014

Breast explosion? American Idol contestant in great concern

The last round before recall! Going to American Idol Audition is certainly not an easy and if you will carrying around unexpected problems any easier for sure. Candidate Kathrin Bilen from Ingolstadt has the experience painful. She comes with her husband, in turn budding rapper, to the casting and attempted a pop career a la Beatrice Egli 

But there was just the first problem. "I had an operation on the breasts, "she admits of the jury and explained that she is afraid that something could burst if she had to dance. "Have you let you make new breasts," Bohlen asks dry and then remarked: "We have never had that someone is afraid that her tits burst" Kay One still requires a number nastier and asks directly whether Kathrin also on my butt what I can do. Dancing they wanted Kathrin but either way do not see.

The breasts do not burst at the end, therefore, also, but Kathrin almost in anger after her Bohlen explained that not even a dance band would take her as a singer. "The really bad mood, the wankers!", Escape the blonde on the way out, so it still penetrates to the jury. "The aligned so loud when she sings!" Said Kitty is impressed. And maybe it should Kathrin actually taste better than Schimpferin place as a singer ...

As Maria Sharapova was staying in his hometown

Strictly speaking, Sharapova was born not of Sochi. She was born in Siberia, but it is associated with the Sochi her first childhood memories. According to legend, the first racket Maria four years received as a gift from his father Yevgeny Kafelnikov:

«She was so big for me that even had to saw off half the handle, so that I could keep it. I wonder where this racket? We must ask my mother ».

His visit to Sochi Sharapova, whose graph is clogged in the months ahead, had planned for a long time. Usually in early February Maria staying at the New York fashion week, but this time with Anna Wintour coexist on the show Marc Jacobs lucky someone else.

Maria arrived in Sochi on Tuesday on a private plane from Paris, accompanied by his permanent agent Max Ayzenbada and immediately set to work correspondent NBC. For the American television Sharapova had to take three plots of the Olympic capital.

"Almost all day driving around the city. Were at the city railway station, Riviera Park, among other places. I've even forgotten. Plus, the Americans told about all the delights of Russian cuisine. Similarly - Russian, Ukrainian Georgian - I was all in one bottle. I convinced my colleagues to try television soup and salad Olivier. As a result, even the cooked something at the end of the evening. "

Sharapova, fluent art panchlayna, formulated in two sentences what it means for Sochi city, "where one day you can swim in the sea and go skiing." Amazing place in existence is believed none of her American friends.

In addition to television work in Sochi Sharapova fulfilled its sponsorship obligations. First introduced Porsche «own design."

Then he visited the event Samsung

Of course, officially launched the sale of its candy

Finally, together with Nike, another master policy speeches and inspiring message across, said another beautiful story - showed "a place where it all began" - Court, which took her first tennis lessons.

It would seem that this - Novak Djokovic won last week in Serbia, too, visited the scene of his childhood training (and there is much more dramatic story) - but the fact Sharapova and brand that nobody knows how to apply themselves and create their own legend. As a result, even adults, hearing about "the same" court, asked: "And what is the truth that place?" Yes, even if not agree, it is still impressive.

On the day of the start of the competition, first with Maria Elena Isinbayeva took part in the opening ceremony rehearsal, and then in the next coat came with her mother to cheer for skaters in the team tournament.

Well, that was on a Friday, you know. Guess, in general, it was easy.

Once Maria Sharapova left for Sochi dream, and 20 years later returned to the most famous Russian athlete, which can be put into a dead end, it seems, by a single question: "What is your real luxury?" Like it or not, history is necessary.

Boris Grachevsky and his young wife divorced

One of these days the public was shocked by the news of the divorce Arntgolts Tatyana and Ivan Zhidkova as today it was announced that Boris Grachevsky and his young wife Anna also decided to leave after three and a half years of marriage.

According Heat.ru , GRACHEVSKY this morning visited the office of his lawyers, while they came apart. After the hour and a half of negotiations with lawyers, they live in different locations.

Boris Grachevsky leaves former wife, who in September 2012 gave the head of "Jumble" daughter Vasilisa, a new apartment in Moscow and monthly child support.

divorce process will be occupied by Katie Gordon Saferoom. So that the paperwork will be engaged professionals.

However Grachevsky himself denies that they are bred with Anna.

Boris Grachevsky and Kharkov Panasenko Anna married in May 2010, after a two-year romance.

Zemfira filed a claim because of his music at the Olympics

Once the ceremony ended, Broadcast Olympic Games in Sochi, but slow to appear scandalous first time. About stated his dissatisfaction singer Zemfira, music which, according to her, was used without the author's consent. The site appeared Zemfira black cap with the following text: "First Channel ignored all possible arrangements and used my track without consent. This is a direct violation of copyright. This is lawlessness. Opening is great! Kostya (meaning Konstantin Ernst - approx. Ed.), Congratulations! But what kind of g ...? You do whatever you want? »

Note that it probably comes to the stage show, when under different songs Russian performers. On what specific track Zemfira question, the singer did not elaborate. It is interesting that just recently, in the summer of 2013 Zemfira successfully performed at the closing of the World Universiade in Kazan. Then no disagreement with the organizers she arose.

Alors maintenant, le site semble zemfira.ru

Oprah Winfrey will appear on Broadway

Oprah Winfrey has agreed to play in the Broadway production. Her debut will be in the play by the American playwright Marsha Norman, "Good night, Mom," which had previously been awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Written in 1983, the story tells us about an unemployed divorcee who suffers from epilepsy. This unfortunate forced to take care of the old mother and son-addict. Once a woman's patience runs out, and she decides to commit suicide, but the old mother tries to stop daughter and convince her not to die.

Along with Oprah will participate in the formulation of an American actress and singer, winner of five "Tony" and two "Grammy" Audra McDonald. Productions will be directed by George C. Wolfe, who won the "Tony" for the play "Lucky" on the play by Nora Ephron, the main role that played by Tom Hanks. Producer of "Good night, Mom" ​​will be Scott Sanders, who worked on the musical "Evita" and "The Color Purple».

Sanders says: "Oprah has long expressed his desire to work on Broadway. She understands how unique and complex live performances. We searched with her in many scenarios image and character that would fit her, and recently stumbled upon a piece of Norman and realized we had found the right thing. Go into the details we will not, except to say that all in preparation ».

The premiere is scheduled for 2015-2016 year.

paparazzi: Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

 Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

That Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Barry James O'Neal secretly got engaged last summer, it became known recently. After this news paparazzi literally staged a hunt for a singer - the audience was eager to see the ring, a gift from the groom celebrity after an important event.

And on the eve of press photographers managed to catch the star in all its glory: Lana went shopping in a supermarket with lover and brother. The pop singer was dressed in everyday style: long white skirt, black sweater and a baseball cap. However, attracted the attention of fans not stellar style, and precious jewelry girl.

Unlike Kara Devlin, who recently surprised us with its golden braces, viewers were treated at Del Rey enhancement - emerald ring. Offer and you get accustomed to the present Barry James and decide how good the taste of the chosen singer.

 Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

 Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

 Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

 Lana Del Rey showed an engagement ring

Miley Cyrus is preparing for the tour: Playing huge hot dogs and animals

Miley Cyrus Playing huge hot dogs and animals

In an interview, Miley Cyrus said that her upcoming tour Bangerz the cities of North America and Europe will be unforgettable. Pop singer admitted that she prepared for her fans a big surprise. And the week before the show girl revealed some details of the program and the fans showed footage from rehearsals.

So, thanks to a fresh photo released star in Instagram, the audience knows what to expect from the performances Cyrus. Firstly, according to one of the photo during the concert Miley will perform one of the songs on a huge hot dog hovering over the scene. In addition, eccentric celebrity would not be a, if not the frame added its own "flavor" - a pop singer in the picture captured with his thumb in his mouth.

Further, if you believe photoreports Cyrus, will participate in the representation of the people in animal costumes. As Miley herself admitted, the main theme of the program - the animals. And the inspiration for the concert, according to the girl, she draws from the American country singer Dolly Parton.

We can not but note the poster advertising the tour Miley, which depicts a celebrity and teddy bears on a background of psychedelic images. The poster shows how many days remain before the concerts.

Cyrus first performance will take place on February 14th and will start from Vancouver, Canada. It is hoped that the show imposed an age limit and it is not permitted for children under 16 years.

Miley Cyrus is preparing for the tour
Miley Cyrus in rehearsal

Miley Cyrus tour poster
Miley Cyrus tour poster