Feb 8, 2014

Zemfira filed a claim because of his music at the Olympics

Once the ceremony ended, Broadcast Olympic Games in Sochi, but slow to appear scandalous first time. About stated his dissatisfaction singer Zemfira, music which, according to her, was used without the author's consent. The site appeared Zemfira black cap with the following text: "First Channel ignored all possible arrangements and used my track without consent. This is a direct violation of copyright. This is lawlessness. Opening is great! Kostya (meaning Konstantin Ernst - approx. Ed.), Congratulations! But what kind of g ...? You do whatever you want? »

Note that it probably comes to the stage show, when under different songs Russian performers. On what specific track Zemfira question, the singer did not elaborate. It is interesting that just recently, in the summer of 2013 Zemfira successfully performed at the closing of the World Universiade in Kazan. Then no disagreement with the organizers she arose.

Alors maintenant, le site semble zemfira.ru

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