Feb 8, 2014

Boris Grachevsky and his young wife divorced

One of these days the public was shocked by the news of the divorce Arntgolts Tatyana and Ivan Zhidkova as today it was announced that Boris Grachevsky and his young wife Anna also decided to leave after three and a half years of marriage.

According Heat.ru , GRACHEVSKY this morning visited the office of his lawyers, while they came apart. After the hour and a half of negotiations with lawyers, they live in different locations.

Boris Grachevsky leaves former wife, who in September 2012 gave the head of "Jumble" daughter Vasilisa, a new apartment in Moscow and monthly child support.

divorce process will be occupied by Katie Gordon Saferoom. So that the paperwork will be engaged professionals.

However Grachevsky himself denies that they are bred with Anna.

Boris Grachevsky and Kharkov Panasenko Anna married in May 2010, after a two-year romance.