Feb 8, 2014

Breast explosion? American Idol contestant in great concern

The last round before recall! Going to American Idol Audition is certainly not an easy and if you will carrying around unexpected problems any easier for sure. Candidate Kathrin Bilen from Ingolstadt has the experience painful. She comes with her husband, in turn budding rapper, to the casting and attempted a pop career a la Beatrice Egli 

But there was just the first problem. "I had an operation on the breasts, "she admits of the jury and explained that she is afraid that something could burst if she had to dance. "Have you let you make new breasts," Bohlen asks dry and then remarked: "We have never had that someone is afraid that her tits burst" Kay One still requires a number nastier and asks directly whether Kathrin also on my butt what I can do. Dancing they wanted Kathrin but either way do not see.

The breasts do not burst at the end, therefore, also, but Kathrin almost in anger after her Bohlen explained that not even a dance band would take her as a singer. "The really bad mood, the wankers!", Escape the blonde on the way out, so it still penetrates to the jury. "The aligned so loud when she sings!" Said Kitty is impressed. And maybe it should Kathrin actually taste better than Schimpferin place as a singer ...