Dec 28, 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z spent 6000 dollars in store for adults

Two days ago, Beyonce and Jay-Z went to the famous New York sex shop Babeland, where spent 6000 dollars on Christmas gifts to each other.

According to an insider, nothing unusual they bought:

No extreme and vulgarity! All purchases - in the bounds of decency. There are even toys of gold.

Earlier Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated Christmas Eve on the dance floor nightclub Greenhouse in Manhattan. Christmas itself couple quietly spent at home with her daughter Blue Ivy, which in January will be two years.

Recall Beyonce and Jay-Z were married five years ago, have a lot of reasons to celebrate success: The singer just completed a tour of Mrs. Carter Show, and her fifth album, Beyonce leads the world charts.

New album, released December 13, is on the top of the Billboard for two weeks. It was sold in the first ten days in the amount of 991,000 copies.

Jay-Z now continues to tour part of the promotional campaign, the 12th studio album Magna Carter Holy Grail.

So the couple will little time to rejoice Christmas gifts.

The first frame thriller 'Gone Girl' with Ben Affleck

Twentieth Century Fox Film Company has posted the first official Twitter of the frame thriller "Gone Girl" with Ben Affleck in the title role. Directed tape - David Fincher.

Note that "Gone Girl" - adaptation of the eponymous bestseller writer Gillian Flynn. The game's story - the story of her husband's execution Affleck, whose wife, played by Rosamund Pike, lost for the fifth wedding anniversary.

Also thriller starring Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

In box tape expected October 3, 2014.

Ben Affleck on the set of "Gone Girl"

Jessica Biel could not bake sweet rolls

Jessica Biel wanted to bake cinnamon rolls, but suffered a culinary fiasco spouse Justin Timberlake mixed spices.

31-year-old actress posted a photo of sweets on his WhoSay page with the comment:

I mixed salt and sugar and cinnamon these beauties turned out so huge! Moral of the day: looks can be deceiving.

Note that Jessica said many times that the dream to open his own restaurant. However, she admitted that the pastries - its weakness:

I would like to open a classy place with great food ... There would be and pastries. This mathematical process, and I'm in this weak.

Justin Timberlake also reported on the culinary talent spouses:

Well, it all turns out. She loves to cook. And I ... love to bake. So we always have dinner and dessert.

Buns Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel

Selena Gomez tour interrupted due to lupus

A week ago, Selena Gomez has canceled concerts in Australia and Asia, citing the fact that she wanted to do with their personal affairs. The following year she was supposed to make in China, Japan and the Philippines as part of a tour Stars Dance.

Selena apologized to fans:

My fans are very important to me and I do not want to disappoint them. But me and my family, it became clear that now I need to take some time to yourself to become better since the last several years I put work first. I am truly sorry and I hope that each of you know how much it means to me.

We now know that 21-year-old singer may be suffering from a serious disease of the connective tissue called "lupus", in which the immune system destroys healthy cells, causing the affected skin, kidney, blood cells, joints, heart, and lungs. Note that the representative has not commented on Selena's information.

According to insider portal, the girl was diagnosed with "a few years ago", and recently the disease again manifested itself:

Selena understands you need to set aside time to fight the disease and take care of yourself better. Unless, of course, she wants to live a long and healthy life.

Lupus Symptoms include swelling of the face, fatigue, headaches and joint pain. Extreme case - fatal, especially if the disease affects the cardiovascular system. Lupus is not treated until the end, but thanks to the drugs can increase remission and keep the disease under control.

Way, suffered from lupus, stars such as Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon and Force.

Selena Gomez

Lady Gaga: Donatella Versace - my idol!

Lady Gaga explained why friends with Donatella Versace: it turns out, the Italian fashion designer - her idol.

In an interview with Fashion singer said:

I do not always have someone I can respect and who want to navigate. Sometimes it causes a feeling of loneliness, because you know that some people accept me as an artist, and some do not. I see who now Donatella what heights she could reach and how continues to develop. It is for me - a role model. Now I have a friend, whom you can say, "I can get it." Or at least try.

Recall that Lady Gaga has become the new face of Versace advertising campaign in 2014. She's a good friend of Donatella Versace and often visits her at a party in Milan and dresses fashion brand - one of the most favorite in her wardrobe that often shows singer.

In 2011, hosted their first "creative collaboration": Gaga wore vintage dresses Versace in the video The Edge of Glory. In addition, Donatella singer dedicated a song on the new album ARTPOP.

Johnny Depp spent 50 thousand dollars on a gift Amber Heard

Johnny Depp spent about 50 thousand dollars on a gift to his beloved Amber Heard. The actor went on holiday shopping in a jewelry store Neil Lane.

According to an eyewitness told the magazine Life & Style Weekly, 50-year-old Depp has made multiple purchases:

He purchased a pair of platinum earrings - "droplets" with diamonds weighing approximately 2 carats. Then Johnny bought a diamond pendant from the same bundle.

Recall that the couple met in 2011 on the set of "The Rum Diary." At that moment, Depp was in a relationship with the mother of their common children, 14-year-old Lily and 11-year-old Jack and Vanessa Paradis. In the summer of 2012, they parted after a 14-year-old novel and began dating actor Hurd. In April this year, Johnny and Amber have officially announced their relationship.

In an interview with 27-year-old Company Hurd acknowledged:

Life actress involves constant travel - it's very hard. But thus eliminated unnecessary you people, because if a person continues to be around after the filming of the second movie, then it is good. In general, I like to trust people - it lives in me southern girl.

Note that the actress does not like talking about his personal life:

It's not part of my profession. I want to be an actress. I do not want to be a celebrity ... Online you can find a lot of my daily photos, which I fill up the car, take away from the laundry cleaning, walking the dog. But you will not find a picture in which I "hang out" in a nightclub.

You could imagine yourself in the place of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, when all around feel that they have the right climb into their personal lives? I would never do like ...

I do not want to change just because people are watching me. I was always the girl who says what he thinks.

Judging by the Christmas gifts, Johnny Depp really appreciates Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Stepfather Kim Kardashian wants to become a woman?

63-year-old Bruce Jenner, the famous American athlete and stepfather star Kim Kardashian decided to change sex and become a woman. And this despite the advanced age and the fact that he has six children!

Reported that the man had consulted with the surgeon. It is said that the family always noticed him like tendencies, thrust to the entire female he began gradually. But no one understands how he lived with it all these years.

Soon Jenner intends at least to remove the Adam's apple - is the initial step before full sex change. The official position of the family is still unknown.

Meanwhile, other media reports that Jenner just wants to correct the Adam's apple, which prevents him from shaving, and that we are not talking about preparing for a sex change.

Enrique Iglesias has 'problems below the belt'

Popular singer Enrique Iglesias stunned journalists that has "twisted genital organ." This he told U.S. reporters after speaking at a Miami nightclub. What is remarkable about this they did not ask him.

Why would open up so Enrique journalists - is unclear, perhaps this question troubled singer at the moment. The singer also said that: "I have a problem with the fact that below the belt." Sudden confession to fans of the singer and spiteful critics think, and not from the any reason left his fiancee star Anna Kournikova.

As it became known earlier, Enrique and Anna are not together anymore. The official version is parting: Tired of being eternal bride Kournikova demanded quickly formalize relations and Enrique was even not ready for a serious step. A girl and went to look for someone who will not be ready for this for so long.

As reported then Kournikova close friend, who asked to remain anonymous: "Anna was tired of waiting his decision about the wedding. Together they are too long and it already feels that this wedding will never come. She is ready to move on ».

During that Anna and Enrique have been together, they have already been married several times-diluted, they often also had to deny the news of her pregnancy and homosexuality.