Dec 28, 2013

Lady Gaga: Donatella Versace - my idol!

Lady Gaga explained why friends with Donatella Versace: it turns out, the Italian fashion designer - her idol.

In an interview with Fashion singer said:

I do not always have someone I can respect and who want to navigate. Sometimes it causes a feeling of loneliness, because you know that some people accept me as an artist, and some do not. I see who now Donatella what heights she could reach and how continues to develop. It is for me - a role model. Now I have a friend, whom you can say, "I can get it." Or at least try.

Recall that Lady Gaga has become the new face of Versace advertising campaign in 2014. She's a good friend of Donatella Versace and often visits her at a party in Milan and dresses fashion brand - one of the most favorite in her wardrobe that often shows singer.

In 2011, hosted their first "creative collaboration": Gaga wore vintage dresses Versace in the video The Edge of Glory. In addition, Donatella singer dedicated a song on the new album ARTPOP.