Dec 28, 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z spent 6000 dollars in store for adults

Two days ago, Beyonce and Jay-Z went to the famous New York sex shop Babeland, where spent 6000 dollars on Christmas gifts to each other.

According to an insider, nothing unusual they bought:

No extreme and vulgarity! All purchases - in the bounds of decency. There are even toys of gold.

Earlier Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated Christmas Eve on the dance floor nightclub Greenhouse in Manhattan. Christmas itself couple quietly spent at home with her daughter Blue Ivy, which in January will be two years.

Recall Beyonce and Jay-Z were married five years ago, have a lot of reasons to celebrate success: The singer just completed a tour of Mrs. Carter Show, and her fifth album, Beyonce leads the world charts.

New album, released December 13, is on the top of the Billboard for two weeks. It was sold in the first ten days in the amount of 991,000 copies.

Jay-Z now continues to tour part of the promotional campaign, the 12th studio album Magna Carter Holy Grail.

So the couple will little time to rejoice Christmas gifts.

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