Dec 28, 2013

Enrique Iglesias has 'problems below the belt'

Popular singer Enrique Iglesias stunned journalists that has "twisted genital organ." This he told U.S. reporters after speaking at a Miami nightclub. What is remarkable about this they did not ask him.

Why would open up so Enrique journalists - is unclear, perhaps this question troubled singer at the moment. The singer also said that: "I have a problem with the fact that below the belt." Sudden confession to fans of the singer and spiteful critics think, and not from the any reason left his fiancee star Anna Kournikova.

As it became known earlier, Enrique and Anna are not together anymore. The official version is parting: Tired of being eternal bride Kournikova demanded quickly formalize relations and Enrique was even not ready for a serious step. A girl and went to look for someone who will not be ready for this for so long.

As reported then Kournikova close friend, who asked to remain anonymous: "Anna was tired of waiting his decision about the wedding. Together they are too long and it already feels that this wedding will never come. She is ready to move on ».

During that Anna and Enrique have been together, they have already been married several times-diluted, they often also had to deny the news of her pregnancy and homosexuality.