Dec 18, 2013

Beyonce will second child after touring

Singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z are planning to expand the family next year. Pair will begin to address this issue after the popular singer in complete tour.

«Beyonce one of those women who are planning to tshatelno. Career is very important to her, but the family is much more important, "- said the source.

Assumption that baby Blue Ivy in the foreseeable future will be brother and sister, expressed DJ Angie Martinez, a longtime friend of Beyonce and Jay-Z, broadcast a radio station.

«I am absolutely sure that Beyonce will give birth to another child in the next year or two. They like to be parents, and I think they're both ready for it, "- said Martinez.

Incidentally, last year, several tabloids announced Beyonce pregnancy. Such conclusions wordsmiths did after the singer spotted coming out of the restaurant, a few rounded belly. However, none of them did not discount the fact that Beyonce could just eat tightly.

Will Ferrell on Kanye West: He helped me find the love of my heart!

Tomorrow International rolled out comedy "Anchorman: Hello again," which played a cameo role many stars, including Kanye West.

Artist starring Will Ferrell succinctly expressed in an interview with E! the bridegroom Kim Kardashian:

He taught me how to find love in the heart. Kanye always something printed on the computer, talking on the phone, agreed about the shoot. He - hurricane activity!

His colleague on the set Kokner David West thinks about the following:

Kanye taught me to work much harder than I did before. He worked all the time! Even when he was not filmed in the frame, all the time he was doing something else.

Note that Paul Rudd also learned a lot from the West, but did not disclose the details:

We work with Kanye together ... That's all I can tell.

Comedy directed by Adam McKay is proud not only to work with the groom Kardashian:

Kanye - just one of the huge list of top stars who starred in the film. Initially, we compiled a list of Dream Team and called all celebrities. And they - the first time - agreed.

Tape Producer Judd Apatow said work on "Anchorman" as:

Only Meryl Streep refused. But we know that she regrets.

None of the teams "Anchorman 2" and could not identify the cause of failure of the great actress, but Christina Applegate expressed its assumption:

Maybe she scared? 

Jennifer Lawrence: The word fat should be forbidden by law!

Star "Scams-American" and "The Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence hates the word "fat." A month ago, she had already argued on this topic with leading Joan Rivers: Guest actress, television shows like "Fashion Police" teach young people the wrong values.

Recently, 23-year-old Lawrence gave an interview on ABC television presenter Barbara Walters under program "Barbara Walters: 10 Most Amazing people 2013":

necessary to make such a law, that it was impossible to call someone fat on television. Why humiliation of others - this is funny? Humiliate me too, and I humiliate others. We all do it. But this is wrong.

Media should be held accountable for the impact they have on the younger generation, all these girls who watch such shows and copy the manner of speech and so-called "slope". No wonder that now is considered the most fun to make fun of any girl in the ugly dress.

Furthermore, in a recent interview with British magazine Harper's Bazaar Lawrence confessed only when she got into the film industry, she had to face criticism:

They said that I would be fired if I did not lose weight for a certain number of pounds.

Now she has learned not to react to criticism:

Even if someone whispers the word "diet" I will send him to hell. If we legally regulate cigarettes, sex, and profanity - because of harmful effects on young people - why do not we introduce the law, punishing for the word "fat"?

Recall, back in 2011, Jennifer also gave an interview Flare:

I'd rather look a little chubby on screen and normal person in life than in the movies and stunning bogey in reality.

As you consider whether to introduce a law that offers Lawrence ?

Justin Bieber said about leaving the scene

Justin Bieber got nervous all their vast army of fans: 19-year-old singer made a very unexpected announcement: According to the artist, he ... career ends!

During yesterday's interview with radio station Power 106 Bieber said:

After release of the new album, I am retiring.

Words singer made broadcaster Kurt Alexander cry:


Then Bieber seems to have decided that the application was too loud, and hastened to smooth it out:

I just want to grow as an artist and take a step to the side, to make their music more mature.

Fans Justin, who call themselves "beliberami" had sounded the alarm, but, writes portal TMZ, the star closest to the source said that Bieber was just joking and is not going to go anywhere.

Or maybe Justin just decided to stir interest in his upcoming album, declaring it "the last"?

Christina Aguilera at the end of the show 'The Voice'

Jackie Lee, Will and Chemplin Tesseyn Chin

On the eve of the finals was the 5th season of the musical TV show "The Voice." The winner was Tesseyn Chin, mentor which made the sexiest man of the year by People magazine Adam Levine.

As part of the final concert for the first time viewers could see and hear duets Celine Dion and Lady Gaga with Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately for the singer, her ward Jackie Lee lost as singer Will Chemplin Levine from the team.

So, 28-year-old singer from Jamaica Tesseyn Chin was declared the winner of the "Voices". She gave a stunning song Tumbling Down, and her husband and went to her mother on stage. Previously, she also sang a duet with Celine Dion song called Love Can Move Mountains.

As a prize, Chin was awarded a contract with the record company, as well as collaboration with Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

Note that the winner immediately burst into tears after leading Carson Daly announced her name. Levine, in turn, fell to his knees when the girl handed the award.

Besides stunning vocal Chin throughout the show demonstrated the warmth and humanity to all participants.

Returning duo Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, we note that the singer sang the hit Do What U Want: at some point performances Gaga even put her head on his chest Christina - in this creative ecstasy merged performer. At the end of the singer made to each other many flattering compliments and agreed on further cooperation.

Christina Aguilera and Jackie Lee
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera

Tesseyn Chin and Celine Dion
Tesseyn Chin 
Will and Adam Levine Chemplin

Rita Ora become litsom fragrance DKNY

Rita Ora will represent one of the flavors DKNY - the brand with which it cooperates for some time. In autumn came advertising campaign featuring the star, and later, she participated in the New York show brand.

Now Ora, recently received a role in the movie "50 shades of gray," appears in advertising perfume - though it title has not yet announced a fashion brand representatives are not yet ready to comment.

couple of days ago on the streets of New York hosted a regular series of Rita for DKNY, and, apparently, it was created specifically for the mysterious fragrance advertising campaign, which will face the singer.

Note that Ora is now another brand - a brand that was created by Madonna, Material Girl.

Rita Ora during a photo shoot for DKNY