Dec 18, 2013

Will Ferrell on Kanye West: He helped me find the love of my heart!

Tomorrow International rolled out comedy "Anchorman: Hello again," which played a cameo role many stars, including Kanye West.

Artist starring Will Ferrell succinctly expressed in an interview with E! the bridegroom Kim Kardashian:

He taught me how to find love in the heart. Kanye always something printed on the computer, talking on the phone, agreed about the shoot. He - hurricane activity!

His colleague on the set Kokner David West thinks about the following:

Kanye taught me to work much harder than I did before. He worked all the time! Even when he was not filmed in the frame, all the time he was doing something else.

Note that Paul Rudd also learned a lot from the West, but did not disclose the details:

We work with Kanye together ... That's all I can tell.

Comedy directed by Adam McKay is proud not only to work with the groom Kardashian:

Kanye - just one of the huge list of top stars who starred in the film. Initially, we compiled a list of Dream Team and called all celebrities. And they - the first time - agreed.

Tape Producer Judd Apatow said work on "Anchorman" as:

Only Meryl Streep refused. But we know that she regrets.

None of the teams "Anchorman 2" and could not identify the cause of failure of the great actress, but Christina Applegate expressed its assumption:

Maybe she scared?