Dec 18, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence: The word fat should be forbidden by law!

Star "Scams-American" and "The Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence hates the word "fat." A month ago, she had already argued on this topic with leading Joan Rivers: Guest actress, television shows like "Fashion Police" teach young people the wrong values.

Recently, 23-year-old Lawrence gave an interview on ABC television presenter Barbara Walters under program "Barbara Walters: 10 Most Amazing people 2013":

necessary to make such a law, that it was impossible to call someone fat on television. Why humiliation of others - this is funny? Humiliate me too, and I humiliate others. We all do it. But this is wrong.

Media should be held accountable for the impact they have on the younger generation, all these girls who watch such shows and copy the manner of speech and so-called "slope". No wonder that now is considered the most fun to make fun of any girl in the ugly dress.

Furthermore, in a recent interview with British magazine Harper's Bazaar Lawrence confessed only when she got into the film industry, she had to face criticism:

They said that I would be fired if I did not lose weight for a certain number of pounds.

Now she has learned not to react to criticism:

Even if someone whispers the word "diet" I will send him to hell. If we legally regulate cigarettes, sex, and profanity - because of harmful effects on young people - why do not we introduce the law, punishing for the word "fat"?

Recall, back in 2011, Jennifer also gave an interview Flare:

I'd rather look a little chubby on screen and normal person in life than in the movies and stunning bogey in reality.

As you consider whether to introduce a law that offers Lawrence ?